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An Answer For Angelo

I received your e-mail re: 
A "Message for the Tea Party Activists" Generally, I don't agree. So far, I think the Tea Party is composed of patriotic Americans concerned about the recent left-liberal trend in politics. They are, for the most part, not stupid people. Perhaps Tea Party members are better described as "a loose confederation of politically conservative citizens who believe America would be better off if our politicians honored the founding documents".  These laws, traditions and values have served us quite very well for several centuries. 

And I have a few more specific comments:
(1) Bush/Cheney disaster. I would add Rumsfeld and agree that the troika got many (most?) decisions wrong. I don't know any Conservative that approved the 2nd Bush term. It was a disaster.
(2) Supreme Court /Al Gore Won. This could have gone either way but with hindsight I suspect Gore was robbed. At the same time I have no doubt whatever that electing Gore would have been a…