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Brains Fade Faster Than You Do

I have "early onset" dementia that might indicate that alzheimers is coming someday. The first indication was "memory loss". Particularly "short term"memory loss. It seems to be slowly getting worse and it has become both irritating and frustrating. It happens intermittently, but as time goes by it happens more often. I now even have trouble remembering the words to complete a sentence and this is beginning to interfere with my ability to communicate. It's time to talk to a doctor.
The doctor sent me to have a MRI scan. A MRI machine produces something like an X-ray. It's a great diagnostic tool. In my case the Doctor was more interested in what wasn't there, than in what was. The "picture of my brain shows an empty place that should not be there. The doctors say it's as if part of the brain is missing, and nothing new moved in to replace it.
So be it.