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Congress Sets Their Pay & Benefits

May I quote the Twenty-Seventh Amendment
to the Constitution:
. "No law, varying the compensation for the services
of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect,
until an election of Reprentatives shall have intervened."

Further notes: Congress submitted the text of the
Twenty Seventh Amendment to the States as part of
the proposed Bill of Rights on September 25, 1789.

The Amendment was not ratified together with the
first ten Amendments, which became effective on
December 15, 1791. The Twenty-Seventh Amendment
was ratified on May 7, 1992 by the vote of Michigan.

Fixing Medical Care

. The American system of providing health care has come off the track. What should be done to fix it?  A related questiion: Should an American taxpayer be required to pay for someone elses medical care?

Liberals: Yes.
Conservatives: No.

Before anything can be done a resolution of this difference must take place. 
Senario 1. A fellow has been an alcholic, smoker, and diabetic for 20 years. He has knowingly not practiced a healthy lifestyle. Now he has heart disease and needs a $40,000 heart operation or he will die within a week. He has no assets, relatives, or borrowing power.

Mr. Liberal: Why should American taxpayers pay the bill?
Mr. Conservative: Are you sure you want him to die?
Scenario 2. Our government has promised Medicare and Medicaid to eligible citizens regardless of their assets. The same level of insurance may be purchased by rich people. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid were not viable when they were passed into law.  None of the three can meet it's promises.

Mr. L…

Gallery of Corrupt Politicians

American politics has seen scoundrels over the years and each new crop is the worst ever. Okay. Chances are it's not the worst but it's surely bad. Many were elected and some, as expected, were not. The Obama Administration has appointed many ULTRA-LIBERAL DEMOCRATS without the oversight of Congress. All of the appointments are not dishonest, disloyal or anti-American, but most are. He has appointed VERY RADICAL people that definitely do not deserve to be in our government.
Several of these recent appointments have exhibited questionable patriotism, ultra radical opinions, or have a proven history of actual corruption. They should all be dismissed. The lists that follow include many such people. There are way too many incompetant or corrupt people in government jobs. Perhaps the worst, in no particular order, are:
Frank, , Barney D-MA
Dodd,  Christopher D-CT
Ensign, John D-NV
Holder, Eric  Atty. Gen.
Jackson, Jr.,…

Greybeard And The Geezer's

. This morning I woke up pushing these computer keys. Must be a habit at best and an obsession at worst. It occurs to me that my blog friend Greybeard might find this interesting.
I belong to the Orange County Geezers Book Club. There is just ten of us and the variety of opinions makes it great fun. We gather once a month to 1. each bring and eat a Subway sandwich, 2. discuss the book of the month, and 3. choose the book for the next month. For the last year or so our emphasis has been on non-fiction, history, and politics.
There is no chairman.

Larry hosts at his house and provides lemonade. He retired as the C.E.O. of a large chain of hospitals. Liberal. Dr. Ken is usually 10 minutes late. He retired as the General Manager of two large Kaiser Hospitals. Liberal. Dr. Ed is a retired scientist who specialized in electornics design at a major military weapoons manufacturer. Liberal.Skip retired as a Colonel in the Air Force and became the program manager of space telemetry at Cal Tech. Co…

Can We Hire Geo. W. Bush

. George W. Bushhad a tough time in office. He started well and ended badly - and will may be known in history as a less than outstanding  President.  There are a number of BUSH-BASHERS, including almost everyone in Mr. Obama's administration. They are far left liberals who blame George W. Bush for all of Mr. Obama's mistakes, and who will not give George credit for the many things he and his administration did right. Just for fun let's reverse the criticism:
1. If George couldn't get thru a press conference
    without a teleprompter
    Would you laugh and said he was inept?
2. If George had appointed people who did not pay
     their income tax.
Would you welcome these deadbeats in government?
3. If George had spent over $200,000.00 to take Laura
    to a play.
    Would you happily pay the bill?
4. If George was so dumb he became an Air Force Officer
     and learned to fly a modern jet fighter aircraft.
     Do you think Obama could do that?
5. If George had stated the…

Here comes a problem . . . Dementia

. About a year ago I began to experience short term memory loss. Being over 70 I thought it was more or less normal. Then it got worse. My cardiologist suggested that  I not be too concerned, it's just part of aging. Months passed and it became more of a problem. My family doctor determined that it could be the first sign of alzheimers or something else, but to find out for certain I would have a CT Scan. The resulting xrays of my brain indicated no sign of alzheimers but clear pictures of  "early on-set dementia".
There is a technical difference between alzheimers and dementia. I don't know what it is, but I am experiencing a continuing loss of memory. It's getting worse.  Short term stuff; say earlier today and back for a few months. That time is almost lost. My memory seems to fade in and out.  A small reminder may bring back an entire selection of memories. It's strange the way it happens. When I wake in the morning I have to think hard about what day of th…