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Global Warming Dollars

There are many brilliant minds in this country who believe the current 'Global Warming' scare - and that it is caused by mankind. This is disputed by many meteorologists and scientists who believe the earth is going through one of it's "normal cycles of heat and cold". They claim there has been no serious and suitable study to indicate that mankind has created pollutants that might alter the temperature. But it has not been proven.  Is Global Warming" just so much "poppycock?

No , it's probably not. But it actually has not been verified that mankind is responsible for the coming deadly heat. Yes, it is apparently coming.  What is really going on? Research leads to a convoluted trail to Capitalism.  There are indeed a large number of people in the world who believe Capitalism is evil,  or at least a major problem to civilization. They seem to detest the very idea of "competition".  Mention of a few nations that officially don't care much…

Hillary & Bill Disaster

The Donald v. Hillary

She's upset that Trump used vulgar language to describe her last Presidential election debacle and he referred to her possible bladder issues when she disappeared during the last Democratic debate.  God help us all if this woman is elected. She'll be the second President in a row without any balls.

George Elsey's "An Unplanned Life"

I've been reading George Elsey's book "A Unplanned Life" and recommend it to anyone interested in an excellent book of military and political issues that occurred during World War II.  It is very well written and a pleasure to read.
George, following an exceptional eduction (Princeton. Harvard/ M.I.T. and etc.), entered the U.S.Navy, and then the Federal Government. His span of work dated from the time of F.D.R. to the Presidency of Harry Truman.  
It was my good fortune to be a friend of Mr. Elsey.  He was a member of my small Orange County Book Club, and attended every month. To my knowledge he never missed a meeting until he retired at 97 years of age. Sadly, he passed away not long after.
He was the senior member of the club and his input valued by all 8  of us.        
George led a wonderful and important life and happened to be "in the right place at the right time" to be a participate in a tumultuous period of American history.

Liberal Betty The Blogger

Betty Rain   

My friend Betty (Rain), a terrific blogger and almost a reasonable Liberal Democrat. She doesn't like to listen to my usual apposing views, but Betty is very intelligent, a great photographer, and an excellent writer. She writes romance novels in her spare moments. Politically, she has been moving further to the left since Obama became the King. She and the farm boss (husband) have approved  most of his devastating far left ideas. I'm not going to discuss that fellow right now. She knows where I stand, and I know where she stands. From what I can see there are more than enough press people and raging bloggers talking about his poor decisions. I am  concerned only with the apparent closure of a very bright mind.

America is becoming a radical Liberal-Progressive nation. The size of our government is growing  faster than our population and we are experiencing the most Liberal-Progressive  trend since F.D.R.  The extreme Obama administration is convinced that we should…