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Obamacare . . or. . What About The Debt?

Our national credit card is about to burst. Americans should put their house in order before attempting any social program the size of Obamacare. It's like we have a rogue elephant in the White house with a massive ego and no common sense. Perhaps we should make healthcare part of the national fabric. But not all at once. Implementation over perhaps twenty or more years would better ensure that each provision was discussed, debated, edited, and lawful - BEFORE enactment. That's not a stall. It's prudence.
The media is loaded with opinions about Obamacare but the 'for and against' people are insistent that each knows best. Most citizens are skeptical, but everyone, regardless of their pro or con opinion, are disappointed that our government has passed this legislation by using political misinformation. Even more important, In my circle of friends there isn't one person who believes Obamacare was properly investigated and debated before it was made a law. Not one.