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Women Convert to Islam. Why?

It amazes me that ANY American women convert to Islam, but they do.  In most cases the attraction is either unexplainable or irrational in view of the subjugation and loss of gender equality and societal freedom they knowingly accept. The following three links offer most of their reasons.




These converts KNOW that their peaceful new religion does this to women:


America's Math and Science Future

Most American colleges and universities teach politically liberal philosophies. When we wonder where Mr. Obama and his  supporters learned their far left political ideas, we have only to look as far the schools they came from.
A student's education  forms the foundation of his knowledge. It should be no surprise that left liberal biased teachers will produce left liberal students. 

The teaching of MATHEMATICS and THE SCIENCES are usually free of political and philosophical biases.  Interestingly, the modern world has come to value these subjects as major enablers of progress. Sadly, compared to other nations teaching MATH and the SCIENCES, America is not providing students with a competitive education. This is a definite problem and we don't seem to be addressing it.

Among all nations our High School Graduates rank 14th in MATHEMATICS.
They rank 15th in the SCIENCES.
Among to other nations the starting wage of our primary school teachers ranks 5th.
And spending on EDUCATION as…

U.S. Taxpayers Build Mosques. Why?

Everyday I am more amazed at our government. Somebody up there on the pedestal actually voted to take my taxes and give the money to Muslims who want to build or restore Mosques.  Unbelievable, but apparently true.
1.   In 2003 our JUSTICE DEPARTMENT declared that the U.S. Constitution's "Establishment Clause" did not prevent federal funds from going to preserve religious structures - IF THEY HAD CULTURAL IMPORTANCE. They never did figure out just who should decide what religious structure is or isn't culturally important. I wonder if anyone in the Justice Department  is awake?
2.   There are currently over 20 projects being at least partially funded by U.S. FEDERAL FUNDS to construct, renovate, or rehabilitate Mosques around the world. Who is authorizing this?
3.   When was the U.S. Ambassadors Fund For Cultural Preservation established? By whom?
4.   The U.S. Ambassadors Fund For Cultural Preservation (A.F.C.P) is currently funding or planning to fund "heritage pr…

The RNC Has No Leader or Platform

Bloggers pump out daily drivel and most goes where it is needed . . . the great eraser dust in the sky. But is there a grain of truth hidden in the mountain of verbiage? Maybe. But it's well hidden and one must suffer through the liberal hog-wash to find it.
America needs honesty and integrity. Where in the hell did they go? Everybody proudly cheats on their taxes. What else do they cheat on? The government is run by people that were once committed to serve others. That was when they turned two years old. After that it became a game of who has the most toys. Greed came in and ruined the soup.
Now we have a government that we all deserve. They  spend whatever and pay for it by printing money. Inflation will save us they say. Take another drink and spend some more. It cost us nothing. The bill will be sent to our future generations. We pay nothing. It's the ol' free lunch syndrome. We get the free lunch. Future generations get the bill. Now what could be more wonderful than th…