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Is America Self-Distructing?

FREE LUNCH President Obama has done us all a favor by finally proving 'there is no free lunch'. He's gone a long way to establish that big government, big debt, and more bureaucrats is a poor substitute for the government established by our founders. He's convinced most of us that the meaning of the words of our Constitution can't be changed without destroying the basis of the finest government system yet devised. The Constitution, somewhat like The Ten Commandments of the Christian religion, is complete now, with few if any, changes necessary. 

TRIPARTITE OVERSIGHT  F.D.R. wasn't the first to try to unbalance the our government but he's the first within my (born 1936) memory. Neither was F.D.R. the first to say 'if congress won't do it's job, I will'.  Under somewhat different circumstances, Obama said the same thing almost as soon as he was elected. What both of these Presidents were really saying is that Americas tripartite system of check…

Defending Fox News

I just read a most disgusting article written by a clown in New York named Cody Cain in the Huffington Post. He claims that Fox has destroyed the Republican Party by blatantly supporting anger biased reporters pushing the Conservative, Libertarian, and radical right wing pressure groups like the Tea Party. This guy is just terribly upset that America has been, and continues to be, inflamed by right wing biased opinions. What a jerk. It's as if the entire media spectrum isn't even more biased toward a radical left wing agenda. 

The Huffington Post apparently approves of this Cody Cain defaming more than 50% of the American population that is, desperately now, trying to return honesty and integrity to our government. That's right. More than half of our population has been steamrollered by our broken political system and the corruption of our elected representatives. The system over time is self destructing because it has allowed greedy self interested pressure organizations t…