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Two Problems; Militant Islam and Fiscal Debt

While America plugs away in Middle East, argues about it's new national health scheme, and moves further and faster toward national bankruptcy - three additional problems urgently need attention: 

(1) At the end of World War II  everyone was frightened by the overwhelming power of nuclear bomb. We believed that nuclear energy, if misused, could bring the entire world grief on a an unimaginable scale.  We were told that nuclear technology was at the edge of our ability to control it. The subject faded when we re-focussed on war in the middle east. We have fought there for years and now know there is nothing to win. Our forces are gradually coming home. 
(2) Meanwhile, during the middle eastern war, the world has rediscovered Islam. Now America is threatened as never before by militant fundamentalist muslims. They are thought to be a small faction of dissatisfied radical muslims whose primary ambition  is to  murder all non-Islamic people in the world.  

Americans, unfortunately, a ter…