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Guns, Protection, and Danger

Every time a gun is involved in a tragedy there is a roar from the left that guns should be banned; but if they were it would solve nothing. Our unique government of laws describe a self limiting government. It allows citizens freedoms that end at someone else's nose. 


American citizens have the limited right to protect ourselves with these weapons. The Founding Fathers wanted to assure that the citizens, as a last resort, could protect themselves from an unlawful government. They zssured that right with the 4th Amendment to the Constitution.

At the present time guns can be easily obtained by people who are clearly dangerous to others. To them we must prevent the sale, ownership or possession  of these weapons. 

In California we keep track of cars, trucks and motorcycles by employing the Department of Motor Vehicles. Why can't we close the non-achieving departments of government …

STOP The Government Immediately

I just learned that our Federal government has not yet released the promised relief funds to victims of the recent east coast hurricane. Also that the bill authorizing the funds has been saddled with MORE PORK. For me, not knowing the exact means and methods of bringing a bill before the Congress, this is the ultimate stupidity of the day. The people in charge of these things, somehow, do not get it. They are so disconnected from the citizens of America that, apparently, they can no longer tell time. Why is there ANY pork attached to this urgently needed funding? As this bill progressed from office to office someone stopped progress long enough to slip in billions of dollars of pork. Who allowed this to happen? Who added each line of pork? Why should they not be punished in some way?

Is Education Sinking In The West

American  K-12 Schools
American children are as intelligent as any - so why is our system of public education falling behind? Americans lshould be concerned that our K-12 schools are no longer among the top ten K-12 schools in the world. We used to be the best! Other national systems have improved as we declined, and now we need to turn it around and rebuild as fast as we can do so. Civilization is increasingly competitive and our graduates should be with the leaders. 

How did we get here? There is blame enough to go around. A  recent study reveals that American students are not at fault. They are victims of our inability to provide them with a superior education. Our high schools  graduate too many students who are not qualified for college and university studies. Despite massive state and federal funding, far too many of our K-12 schools fail to meet even minimum standards. This is usually excused by claiming that education is a low priority item in America and it doesn't receive …

Education vs The CSS People

Turn the coin over. For years we have heard that California schools were failing and it's not altogether true. A more critical look reveals that there is an entire "California Schools Stink" group-bias that has been at work for a long time, decades. The CSS effort is to convince everyone that achievement levels in K-12 schools in California have steadily fallen behind, and for many years I have believed these people - but they were distorting the facts. Why would they do such a thing? In my research I discovered John Mockler, a former Executive Director of the State Board of Education, a well known California educator and administrator who has given a different insight. At last we have discovered an authority that presents the  truth: 

California Public Schools K-12: 

Great Results With Diminishing Resources".
Great results? Contrast that view with the CSS (California Schools Stink) headlines, and then note their several selfish agendas. These people have actually pro…