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Trump Comes To Town

I'm a very slow reader. When a blustering Trump first hit the political road I thought he was some kind of joke with his ridiculous red hair mop and a Jersey boy gutter speech pattern. During the following weeks he firmly, and not very politely, proceeded to accuse the establishment of gross corruption and dereliction of duty. He put his clumsy and angry voice to all of the national problems he could think of.  He focused on very progressive liberal Democrats whose actions have led us to the mess we find ourselves in. So sayeth Mr. Trump.  He went on to establish his (Starwars) ambitious  plan to:   1. To take back the White House from the     Obama/Hillary types2.  To shake up and remove the corrupt politicians from the establishment3.  Return America to invincible stature among the worlds nations.4.  Bring back monetary support of our enemies. (Egypt, for example?)5.  Withdraw our military protection of nations that can protect themselves. 6.  And from nations that do not support…