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The Police Need Support

Have you noticed that biased media presentations just can't wait to whip the police before the facts are known? Isn't it time to support (sometimes aggressive) police efforts to control situations? In my extended, multi-cultured community, Los Angeles and Orange County, California, about half of the altercations between police and suspected criminals, are linked by racism. Sadly, it is often that a person of some minority involved with the police.  If there is any aggressive control action by the police - you can be sure there will be an  lawsuit quickly opened by the victim. 
The (accident/scandal/murder) media vultures can't wait to depict that the  police are guilty and the poor, disadvantaged minority member is the victim of prejudice. This isn't right, but bias has always been part of the media. They   too often use their power well before the facts are complete - and in just about every case, the media favors the victim first.

The cop on the beat says that just a l…

Our Government - A Racket?

I can't digest this. Can we be so far down the failure road? I'm sure at least some of these statements are in error. Does that mean a few are correct?

War is possibly the oldest,  easily the most vicious,  and certainly the most profitable racket that exists. 

War measures profits in dollars and losses in lives.

War is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many.

War allows a few people to pile up millions and billions, but only a few.

The military-industrial complex obtains a staggering amount of money, more than the net income of all United States corporations, and spends it on WAR. 

And it is all borrowed from  our children and future generations. 

Rarely is there an attempt to curb government spending on the military-industrial complex.

Not a word about the many quitting obsolete American outposts around the world. 

Not a word about rolling back tens of billions spent each year on national security.

Now let me repeat a few famous quotes:

The Honorable …