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My New Gas Gage !

Bah Blankety Humbug !

Hunger vs Global Warming

GLOBAL WARMING. Several scientists tell us that the earth is warming at an alarming rate. They say that the ice is melting and raising ocean levels faster than we can protect ourselves. There is proof that the polar ice caps are melting and raising ocean levels - but there is a significant controversy over WHY.

We know that many areas on our planet are getting warmer. NASA data suggests a rise of 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880. They say that it has risen the most and quickest in the Arctic. Interestingly, the same experts acknowledge that many areas around the world are getting colder at the same time? To me, these contradictions raise questions about HOW scientists measure the temperature of the globe. Also, exactly WHO is doing this research? WHO is placing the thermometers, and precisely WHERE are they measuring the temperature? Is the concept that the ENTIRE planet is warming a valid scientific fact?
Planet earth is very old. No one knows how old. For this discussion let us as…

Obama's Score

Has President Obama accomplished ANYTHING on the good side of his ledger? Do we really need to admit he and his administration have done something of real merit for America?

Let's try.

1.   Democrats say he kept us out of Libya.
2.   Democrats remind us that he pulled our troops out of Iraq.
3.   Democrats tell us that since the stock market is up, Obama saved it.
4.   Housing has hit bottom because he saved it from going lower.
5.   General Motors is back on top because Obama saved it from bankruptcy.
6.   Employment is stabilizing  because  Obama helped jobseekers find work.
7.   Banks are again healthy and more accountable because of Obama.
8.   Credit Card companies make more money because of Obama.
9.   Credit Card companies now recognize consumer rights because of Obama.
10. Obamacare is moving ahead with no adverse effect on the nation's health.

They have to be kidding - right?

Why criticize President Obama

1.   He is committed to changing America to a "Communist&…

Political Cooperation ?

America has management problems.
Conservatism offers a small part of the solution and so does Liberalism - but working together appears to be increasingly difficult. Cooperation is almost dead! The two political philosophies are beating each other to ineffectiveness as our Federal and state governments  grind toward monumental failure.
The Framers constructed a political model that was less than perfect but regardless it served America rather well. They knew there were flaws and they expected patriotism and common sense would iron them out. They were wrong.  Corruption, for example, invaded the system   and now, 250 years later, the original political model has become unworkable. Our current economic condition is a reflection of the inability to manage government better than we do.    
In 1929 there was a similar instance. It was the time of the Great Depression and citizens looked to government to correct the problem. The nation's economy had failed and the government found itself…

Mild Cognitive Impairment

Some older people find themselves with short term memory loss. It's an aggravating source of frustration and tends to get worse with time. Eventually it passes an arbitrary line and becomes mild cognitive impairment.  Doctors specializing in geriatrics differ on the precise  characteristics that change the diagnosis from memory loss to mild cognitive impairment. 
Unfortunately, I seem to have passed the line. Doctors looked at the result of a Cat-Scan and decided that I now have mild cognitive impairment. As far as I know this ailment will continue to get worse rather than better. It may take decades or only a few years, but unless I die first it will someday reach a branch in the road. One path leading forward is called "dementia". The other is called "Alzheimer's Disease".
There seems to be few differences in either diagnosis. The symptoms and ultimate outcome is the same. My symptoms are following one of those paths. As the patient recognizes the slow  …

Christian. Who says so?

A few days ago Billy Graham Jr. said on tv  that The Church of Latter Day Saints is not Christian. Reverend, I disagree.
The Mormons see Christianity through a different lens but they are indeed Christians. That is to say that they do believe in Jesus Christ and the Trinity just like Baptists do. Granted that most Christians base their religion on the Holy Bible, and generally recognize that it is the a construction that was written by an unknown number of authors, transcribed as fact, fiction, myth, superstition, or traditional mystery. It was intended to provide lessons that could be interpreted in a way that would guide mankind to control and improve life on earth.
The Mormons more recently (19th Century) were led to compose and transcribe their Holy Book (The Book of Mormon) in much the same way. Their Holy Book recognizes Jesus as the Christ, celebrates his life, endeavors to pass on his teachings, and contains, more or less, the traditional Christian philosophy.
Granted, it doe…


Kiwanis International raised enough money to purchase and distribute iodized salt. I don't remember the exact details but the basic problem was the lack of iodine in the diet of millions around the world, particularly in the "Third World" countries, and most acute in certain parts of Africa. The Kiwanis organization (the efforts of all the Kiwanis Clubs) made it possible to stop almost all tetanus danger. The ancient and deadly threat to health has almost disappeared.  
The next major world wide Kiwanis effort is going to ELIMINATE tetanus. This killer is rampant in the Middle East, India, Africa and other impoverished areas. A few dollars will provide 3 doses of vaccine per patient - and completely ELIMINATE the incidence of tetanus. The money raising project is expected to take about 5 years to accomplish, and the result will be the complete eradication of tetanus in the world.
I'll write more on this project as it unfolds.

Can You ExplainThis ? Or this?

I guess it's a seaplane. It's got a bow of sorts. Is this a trick picture somebody photoshopped? If not, how do you explain the right wing?

And I've not been able to discover an engine to power the plane. Do you suppose those two rust-red openings are jet intakes?

And don't forget the sub. Note that the plimsal line is pretty far above the water. Is this silly looking sub supported by the plane's right wing?

Or is it sitting on a dry dock out of the water?

Neither the sub or the plane are familiar. I suppose they could be Russian or Chinese? Or were they made in Saudi Arabia?

Okay. I don't know either.

And I have another unsolved puzzle:

Thought these paddle wheeler were used on rivers and such. You know, in shallow waters. Well, so much for that bit of knowledge.

Kiwanis Missing Link

Sometime ago I was the Lt.Governor of a Kiwanis District. It was time consuming, a little extra work, and great fun. I enjoyed (almost) every minute.
A few years went by. Then Lt. Gov. Jim Blank took the helm of my former Kiwanis District. Hard to believe but he did a walloping lot of damage. Unfortunately Jim was smart and capable - but had (has) no common sense. The District is one of the largest in Cal-Nev-Ha's Division of Kiwanis. It has a long and distinguished past.
Jim managed to rub people the wrong way. His District Council Meetings, formerly attended by 40 to 60 club officers and members, had approximately 3 to 4 attendees by the end of his term. His leadership became a disaster.
Interestingly, Lt. Gov. Jim had no knowledge of, or intention to, handle the Kiwanis monies in and out of his hands TRANSPARENTLY. There was no oversight of any kind. There was no auditing allowed, and Jim made very sure that no person reviewed his check book stubs. He never made any kind of fi…