Saturday, October 22, 2016

And One Last Thing

A list of Twitters never sent. Short comments on whatever floats by. As worthless as today's twisted news. Political and economical facts rendered progressive or conservative by the unbiased (?)  reporter. It's not only the media that has become unhinged with political concerns, it's been widely decided that historical thought and traditions are somehow wrong and must be corrected by every empty headed false scholar like myself.  It's long past time that we all re-examined, for the millionth time, the basis of life. You know, the important stuff.

The universe arrived. Nobody knows why or when. Our logic says there must have been a start, but the really curious man asks why. Failing an answer man ascribes the entire thing to God, Allah or what ever name he chooses to use for a supreme deity. That was man's first step into the spiritual world, and from that inauspicious beginning many theologies evolved. If one tries to adhere to logic, everything that has transpired along that train of thought is the natural result of man's ability to think and reason. The point being that whatever (spark?) got the universe going had nothing to do with what happened next.  Point to Darwin if you will. He discovered and publicized the theory of evolution. But Darwin's evolution is absurd to both the logician and the religious man. Yet the basic idea has never yet been disproved. Think on that a moment. Darwin invented nothing. He discovered a theory that appears to be correct. It seems to fit our biological history. 

So now we have a place (earth) and an ancestry (evolution) and yet today we find man with a terribly inefficient and loosely knit civilization. It presumes that the our most compelling future depends striving for something. We've had thousands of years to reach perfection, but we've not done a very effective job with our progress. It appears that there has always been quarrels and wars, plaques and pestilences, abundance and poverty, so forth. Studying history we find that there has also been vast differences of living conditions, abundance, resources and geographical limitations. In other words, man has always faced  extremely difficult circumstances and poorly controlled them all. That's not a vision of improvement.

To improve civilization we must understand that those that have need to help those that have not. Scientific progress may be one of our best tools, but improving our basic problem will have to rely on person to person energy. The entire world of "haves" must immediately relieve people that can not help themselves. The media tells us that most abject poverty lies in places like Africa, Bangladesh, Somalia and Haiti. It's not true. The problem is universal, and it is properly called "the gap between rich and poor". Aha! We have reached a conundrum. The ideal of the "equality" of man is both impossible and undesirable. 

One of our elementary characteristics,  whether rich or poor, is the instinctive desire to improve our conditions including, for example, our health, comfort, hunger, thirst and all of the other conditions of life.  Suppose that the gap between rich and poor is eliminated. The unwanted side effect would be to erase the natural instinct to improve. In more graphic words, to erase ambition.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Black Rage - Police Frustration

A terrible revolution is coming. Our Black, Hispanic and other minority populations, including our impoverished poor, are turning their anger towards all lawful authority. What's going on here? The causes are certainly more than discrimination, racial differences, and poverty. It  just isn't that simple. And, in varying degrees the same revolution is taking place in urban areas all over the world. The probable basic cause is economic, and leads to the gap between rich and poor. Yes, there is a religious component of great importance but is just that, a small but important component.

Christianity is increasingly a "tough sell". It has guided civilization for centuries, sometimes on the right road and sometimes not. Islam is a bit younger and is also the victim of an internal schism between Sunni and Shite, and between peaceful expansion and militant aggression. Together, Christianity and Islam are one of the major causes of discontent around the world. They have failed to relieve poverty and bring harmony to their adherents. The philosophic concept of spirituality is steadily giving way to science, technology. realism and logic.

Meanwhile, the gap between rich and poor continues to grow. All but the very rich and the undefined middle class are still not  headed toward reasonable prosperity. The poor get poorer and the rich get richer. And the impoverished continue to have insufficient water, food, shelter and resources. Our society can provide each, but does not. The leading factors of society must share the blame. Factors like politics, religion, and the distribution of natural resources all contribute to abject poverty.

In America the net result is growing distrust of government, increasing disrespect for law, and the disintegration of the historic "family unit".  America's minority communities are subject to almost inhuman pressures: 
  • There is no pride in ancestry. It's been scrambled.
  • Many parents are unwed. Perhaps most.
  • Many families include children of different parentage.  
  • Way too many children have only one parent. 
  • Young and old adults spend countless hours away from home to work. 
  • The children do not receive informed guidance or advice from adults. 
  • Schools have not been able to provide these things. 
  • The nations welfare programs are helpful, wasteful and expensive.
  • Many American welfare programs encourage a recipient  not to work

Now, in 2016, America has two unsuitable individuals contending to become President.  Neither has a plan to address the problem, the gap between rich and poor. Politics is not capable of or national or international leadership required to stop the coming revolution.
Neither are religions. Who then, is a possible candidate? There is only one.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Progressive Slide To Failure

Be forewarned. My knowledge of history is sketchy at best. I was born when F.D.R. was President and the European war was gearing up. The industrial revolution was in full swing, and the war in Europe was threatening everyone.  Sometime, perhaps it was about then, the American work force started to ever faster to the cities to take factory jobs.  

Before then, and after the explorers discovered America, people in Europe, particularly England, were enduring hard times. Traveling to the new discovered land offered a chance to escape. They desperately wanted to escape from poverty. At the same time there was a strong movement in search of religious freedom. There was also a need to relieve the burden of England's unreasonable laws. All of these things contributed to the huge and urgent  immigration to 'the new world'.  The King of England attempted to subjugate these immigrants under the power of the throne. The effort to control and tax the new world immigrants, failed badly. It was the cause of the American revolution of 1776. 

The new immigrants won the war and set out to establish a new kind of government in America.  It was to be crafted in a way that every citizen could participate by voting for a  government divided into three separate and equal divisions. The concept required any two of the divisions to watch over the third. The founders described this in detail in the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and other founding documents. 

Most importantly, there was to be freedom and opportunity for every new citizen.  

The designers of the new federal government (the founders) granted: 

  • every citizen the right to own property, 
  • the freedom to observe his or her chosen religion, 
  • a free market (supply and demand) monetary system, and 
  • protection of freedoms, rights, and property by the federal government. 
They also decreed that Church and State were to be firmly separated,  in order to protect religious freedom.

While not exactly true, in my mind it was during the time of F.D.R.'s  presidency that "progressivism" began to seriously eat away at the American way of life. The delegitimization of biblically based religions started the slow and steady enactment of the "progressive" vision which has been gaining momentum in America for at least a century, perhaps even a century and a half. This has now become a general assault on liberty in the name of an alliance between secularism and statism.  If not controlled, it promises  a dangerous and unwanted government collapse. 

"Progressivism" dominates our media, entertainment industry, universities, metropolitan areas, and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY - which prides itself on devotion to equality which  they consider the foremost demand of social justice. This is not correct. The question is not whether equality is good, but which forms of equality are morally relevant and which should the government protect.

In the name of equality, "Progressives"  pressure the government to aid the neglected corners of life in America. They want the government to make decisive contributions on behalf of our unfortunate, afflicted, and exploited citizens.  They, the "progressives" have become a vocal majority of our citizens. The Constitution obstructs the ability of temporary, sometimes aggressive, majorities to induce their momentary will into the law. This has caused the "Progressives" to consider the founding documents to be relatively useless in a modern society. They want their own socialistic trends to be the law of the land. 

In the name of equality, "progressivism" ignores the concept and importance of  limited government. It abandons the idea of liberal education. Instead of teaching the basics of the humanities and sciences, and the principles of freedom, and the capacity of students to think for themselves, "progressivism" believes the purpose of education is to mold students who think and act like "progressives'.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Trump Comes To Town

I'm a very slow reader. When a blustering Trump first hit the political road I thought he was some kind of joke with his ridiculous red hair mop and a Jersey boy gutter speech pattern. During the following weeks he firmly, and not very politely, proceeded to accuse the establishment of gross corruption and dereliction of duty. He put his clumsy and angry voice to all of the national problems he could think of.  He focused on very progressive liberal Democrats whose actions have led us to the mess we find ourselves in. So sayeth Mr. Trump.  He went on to establish his (Starwars) ambitious  plan to:  
  • 1. To take back the White House from the
  •      Obama/Hillary types
  • 2.  To shake up and remove the corrupt politicians from the establishment
  • 3.  Return America to invincible stature among the worlds nations.
  • 4.  Bring back monetary support of our enemies. (Egypt, for example?)
  • 5.  Withdraw our military protection of nations that can protect themselves. 
  • 6.  And from nations that do not support our humanitarian efforts in the world.
  • 7.  Temporarily slow or halt immigration and return the control of borders law.
  • 8    Provide a timed path where illegal immigrants can become Americans. 
  • 9.  Deport those who do not complete the path. 
  • 10. Return to a planned immigration quota system.
  • 11. Insist on English as America's only official language.
  • 12. Eliminate attacks on the second amendment. 
  • 13. Prohibit private ownership of explosive weapons used by our military forces.
  • 14. Restrict rapid fire weapons by additional security and increased taxation.
The Democrat Party candidate Hillary Clinton, being a proven liar, accused criminal, and military secrets abuser, simply can not be elected President.  It is still months before the election. The loudest, most personal, and ugliest primary season in memory is over. Hillary is the Democratic candidate.

The Republican Party candidate Donald Trump, comes across as vulgar and crude. He is clearly not a polished politician, diplomat or scholar, and he apparently knows little or nothing about our military. Potentially Donald Trump brings a few things to the job. 

  • He is smart, articulate and a good negotiator. 
  • He has valid credentials managing and administrating a business.
  • He bends liberal when necessary, but is independent or conservative more often.
  • He has not been proven a liar or criminal. 
  • He is considered to be honest. 
  • He thinks much of our foreign aide is wasted. 
  • He believes in Capitalism. 
  • He knows our income tax system is no longer fair to all.
  • He knows that the American election systems are broken.
  • He understands that our three political divisions are no longer equal.
  • He sees great merit and relevance in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

All things considered, Donald Trump is the most suited Candidate for the office.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Comments About Rain's Comments

Hi Rain    Now and then I make a mistake. A couple of years ago you took issue with one of my blog notes. As I recall it involved a few things a "righty" (Greybeard?) sent to me, not something I wrote. I usually avoid comments about comments - and set the matter aside. That was my mistake. I don't remember why you got mad at Greybeard, but you said that you decided not to write about politics for a while. It sounded like you didn't want to stay in touch with me either so I dropped out of sight.  I had enjoyed our contact now and then, it was my loss.  You now have several good blogs. I still read them and wish I could write as well. Perhaps I can get back in your good graces. I hope so. 

ps: I just read one of your excellent books, "Round The Bend", and thought it was excellent. I plan to order the other three in the series.  

Take care.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

We, The Dummies

The Republican Party is almost out of business and they deserve to be gone.  Something happened to the Grand Old Party that turned them into dust. They slowly became corrupt (like the Democrats) decided; "you can forever spend more than you have". They swallowed idiot pills and our entire Federal Government went wacky.  Now days the tendency is to blame President Obama for all of the ills we are facing. That's not fair or even close. He may contributed a little to the problems, but there have been many others before Mr. Obama. Where to start?

Not Long After 1776: Who first decided that we could borrow from future tax collections to finance the problems of the day.  No one seems tot know, but if the Revolutionary War was financed with money from the public treasury, that may have been the beginning. Regardless, certainly by WWI the practice was normal and approved. It had become the normal way to finance spending money we didn't have but expected sometime in the future. By WWII our industrial revolution was well under way and the demand for public (taxed) money increased astronomically. 

The Two World Wars : Thousands became millions, millions became billions, and now 250 years later, deficit borrowing has become the tool of politicians to fund anything at all. This would be fine if someone stood up and said "whoa". But they don't!  Americans should insist on spending no more until most of the debt is paid off. It seem obvious that we need a solid plan to retire the balance. Our nation now has about  $20,000,000,000,000 in debt. This is well more than we, plus our children, plus our grandchildren, plus their children - can pay without disrupting the lives completely and  this debt is destroying America as we know it. 

No Silver-No Gold-No Standard.  Historic attempts to address the problem usually involve devaluing our currency. This is not the way to go, however during  President Nixon's administration it was decided to do so. They simply separated our money from the silver standard. That action freed the federal government from the silver anchor of our worthless script,  we then said that even with no backing or support, our dollars were worth a dollar of goods in trade. Actually, we lied. The separation from a world valued standard (silver) did indeed devalue our money.

A Nation In Trouble. Today America has reached a fork in the road and must decide how and when to reduce the federal debt. In political terms we are (supposedly) represented by two political organizations; The Republican Party and The Democratic Party. There are many splinter groups as well. The Republican Party seems to have spawned the Conservative Party,  and the Democrats have spawned the Ultra Liberal Left. Now we have essentially four factions that apparently are not effectively representing our citizens. 

The Worst Candidates Lead In The Polls. A 
Presidential election coming up and it's been a long time since we've had such a poor selection of Democratic candidates. 
      1. Hillary Clinton who is a proven liar, and cheat, and considered an unethical person, is the 
         leading Democratic candidate and her opponent, Bernie Sanders, who is 76 years old and has
         admits the is a far left Socialist. Both of these candidates favor large governments, political
         controls, and greatly enhanced welfare systems.
      2.  The Republicans still have four candidates.  
  • Donald Trump who almost everyone agrees is not qualified to be President is currently ahead in the primary vote count.
  • Senator Ted Cruz who seems well qualified but follows a strict conservative agenda rather than the Republican "establishment agenda.
In my opinion none of these candidates should be selected. 



Thursday, April 28, 2016

Is America Self-Distructing?

FREE LUNCH President Obama has done us all a favor by finally proving 'there is no free lunch'. He's gone a long way to establish that big government, big debt, and more bureaucrats is a poor substitute for the government established by our founders. He's convinced most of us that the meaning of the words of our Constitution can't be changed without destroying the basis of the finest government system yet devised. The Constitution, somewhat like The Ten Commandments of the Christian religion, is complete now, with few if any, changes necessary. 

TRIPARTITE OVERSIGHT  F.D.R. wasn't the first to try to unbalance the our government but he's the first within my (born 1936) memory. Neither was F.D.R. the first to say 'if congress won't do it's job, I will'.  Under somewhat different circumstances, Obama said the same thing almost as soon as he was elected. What both of these Presidents were really saying is that Americas tripartite system of checks and balances is nonsense. In my opinion the idea that a president must change the delicate relationship between the executive branch, the congress and the judicial branch of our government in order to gain efficiency  is contrary to the Constitution. In day's past the reason for change usually given was that the evermore rapid advance of science and increasingly urgent threats to our national security requires more immediate responses. There is no longer time for serious deliberations and debate of the Congress or Judicial Branch. I think this idea is absolutely false.

OBAMA'S ASSERTIONS.  The separation of powers is the main protection of individual citizens rights. For a President to force an increase in the powers of the executive branch requires the other two branches to be diminished, and by granting the executive branch additional powers, unchecked by the other two branches, that presidential power is no longer Constitutional -  and the President becomes no more than an authoritarian monarch. 

Review if you will, a few of President Obama's assertions since taking office: 
  • He has modified provisions of the Affordable Care Act without authority. 
  • He ordered the attack on Libya without approval of congress. 
  • He has appointed "czars" in order to avoid the Constitutional requirement that the Senate is to confirm the appointment of high level officials. 
  • He has  asserted the right to kill American citizens without due process of law. 
  • He stated that "Middle class families can 't wait for Congress to do stuff. So sue me". 
  • He has been substituting "executive ACTIONS for EXECUTIVE ORDERS making it legally cumbersome to challenge the his decisions. 
  • He has instructed the executive branch to offer temporary legal status to millions of illegal immigrants without consulting congress. 
  • Note: This executive fiat was cancelled by a three judge panel of the Fifth Court of Appeals.
  • To critics of the immigration policy change he has said; "What you're not paying attention to is the fact that I just took action to change the law'. 
  • Note: Under the Constitution Congress is to write laws and the president is to enforce them.
The President's power to direct the executive branch to take legislative action is extremely dangerous. Obama's slight of hand by substituting executive actions instead of executive orders sounds innocent enough. It is not.  Executive Actions have historically been informal directions from the President to his staff and others in the executive branch. Executive Orders are issued as an official cataloged transcript and have been considered legal.  By replacing them with Executive actions and not legal under our Constitution, President Obama has made it very difficult, if not impossible,  to challenge the President's decisions. 

Reference example: During 2014 President Obama issued an executive action on immigration policy. He instructed the executive branch to offer temporary legal status to millions of illegal immigrants. It was considered an action to change the law, and was cancelled by a Court of Appeals.

FEDERAL EMPLOYMENT The numerical differences between branches during 2014:

a.  Federal Employees In The Legislative Branch                                 30,000 
b.  Staff members in the Judicial Branch                                               32,000  
c.  Non-military workers in the Executive Branch                              2,600,000

In the executive branch alone there are about 16 Departments, 70 Agencies, and 383 non-military sub-committees. America's tripartite government of checks and balances is  already  unbalanced in both numbers and authority. This is what has enabled the Obama administration to micromanage our citizens lives to a level unprecedented in American history. These unconstitutional  scandals have rendered the Congress and Judicial Branches almost useless. 

PRINCIPLES AND TRADITIONS A majority of American citizens have made it quite clear that the liberal/progressive trend toward socialism must be tempered with consideration for the founding documents of our government. The original principles are not out dated and most, if not all, of our traditions continue to have merit. The Founding Fathers relied heavily on Judeo-Christian history and values when they established the nation. Most Americans prefer that they continue to be guidelines for us to follow. 

LIBERAL to PROGRESSIVE to SOCIALIST to COMMUNIST  The ultra liberal progressives of the Democratic Party have been pushing America towards forms of socialism and communism. This year, 2016, America's two party politics system is in a state of confusion. 


The Republican Party has been fractured onto two major constituencies: 

    1. Conservatives & Libertarians who tend to favor small government, less controls, free
         market Capitalism, and private property ownership.

    2. Old Guard Republican Establishment who favor status quo, seniority over ability, 
        and protection of special interest groups.

The Democratic Party is more difficult to characterize. 

    1. Their Old Guard Establishment favors big government, more controls, and more social   

   2. Their radical members favor a more aggressive approach by government, discarding
        free-market Capitalism, ending the private property ownership, and adopting a more 
        authoritarian government.

DISCOURAGED AMERICANS  Citizens are voicing their concerns about the decline of American power and the decline of American influence throughout the world. They are concerned about the continuation of failed political policies, poor government decisions, the badly explained reasoning that has led America into several wars, and the lack of will to win wars in our favor. They are also disturbed by the growing number of un-needed federal laws, the terrible number of incarcerated felons, and the huge variation of punishments being pronounced by the judiciary. There is also the overwhelming general complaints that America's elected and appointed politicians spend and spend and spend our taxed dollars on special interests and trivia - while things like our nation's infrastructure is decomposing. etc. etc. etc. There is no end to the complaints. I've only listed a few. The question is: What needs to be done to address them?

2016 ELECTIONS.  We have a choice of two flawed candidates for the office of President. 

1. Hillary Clinton, a seasoned liberal Democrat veteran, a polished politician, and a very intelligent person - who is presented with a very poor record of accomplishment, a clear record of erroneous decisions, and a definite taint of corruption. 

2. Donald Trump, a fresh Republican known to favor Democrats and liberal positions regularly, a extremely unpolished politician, with a noted record of accomplishment in the private sector, and who is obviously an intelligent person - but who is presented with no record of governmental service, and who has outlined popular (but often impossible) promises should he be elected.

There is a corollary to Donald Trump's description that needs to be added. He is a personable and powerful executive. Little is known about his ability to delegate authority, his advisory staff, or his complete plan or political agenda for the nation. Thus far he has offered only a snap shot. True, it looks and sounds good. But?

MR. TRUMP.   His main themes during the candidate debates have included:  

1.Completion of the wall between America and Mexico, apparently before legal immigration reforms can be overhauled. 
2. Refusing to admit all Muslim immigrants until some sort of vetting can be devised. 
3. Rapid deportation of illegal immigrants now in America - after a (yet to be determined) grace period for each immigrant to attain legal status. 
4. Withdrawing American troops defending other countries and discharging or reassigning them. 
5. Selling the military installations deemed no longer necessary.  
6. Gradually reducing foreign aid to those that abuse the system, and to the United Nations - that America has disproportionally supported from it's beginning, reducing to levels more equitable to all U.N. Nations.

With a few exceptions, the majority of Americans are attracted by these themes, but It is still to be seen if they can be developed into a practical agenda.


Monday, April 11, 2016

Defending Fox News

I just read a most disgusting article written by a clown in New York named Cody Cain in the Huffington Post. He claims that Fox has destroyed the Republican Party by blatantly supporting anger biased reporters pushing the Conservative, Libertarian, and radical right wing pressure groups like the Tea Party. This guy is just terribly upset that America has been, and continues to be, inflamed by right wing biased opinions. What a jerk. It's as if the entire media spectrum isn't even more biased toward a radical left wing agenda. 

The Huffington Post apparently approves of this Cody Cain defaming more than 50% of the American population that is, desperately now, trying to return honesty and integrity to our government. That's right. More than half of our population has been steamrollered by our broken political system and the corruption of our elected representatives. The system over time is self destructing because it has allowed greedy self interested pressure organizations to gain a foot-hold of power over our historically well thought out federal government. 

The Huffington article rants against all right wing thought. You would think the Tea Party has reborn the Birch Society, our Capitalism is irreligiously wrong because it rewards incentive and competition, and that our three branches; The President, The Congress, and the Supreme Court are no longer capable of efficient, effective and correct decisions. They claim our ponderous government can no longer keep up with the pace of the modern world. Cody Cain  writes that Rupert Murdoch, with his 12 billion dollars is attempting to take over. That America is in danger of a radical right wing revolution, and that resistance to radical socialism is a deadly sin. There is no room for controversial comment or attempts to repair the Founding Fathers concepts of a free and democratic republic.

The Huffington Post and Cody Cain  should be dipped in hot oil, rolled in sand and forced to spend ten days in jail reading the Constitution, Declaration of independence, and Bill of Rights.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Just read a most interesting book, "Being Mortal" by Atul Gawande. The author discusses the aim of medicine today -  and makes a significant suggestion to improve it.

1. The aim now, so to speak, is to preserve life as long as possible.

2. The author makes an excellent case for preserving a reasonable quality of life as considered by the patient, close family, and the medical people involved.

The Author, a Medical Doctor himself, has noted a trend developing as the scientific community is experiencing an exponential growth of pharmaceutical products, nuclear medicine and other curative treatments that are increasingly able to extend life, but with essentially disastrous consequences. The advancing fight against cancer illustrates what he considers an undesirable trend.

It is now possible to extend a persons' life to a non-reversible point where the patient is no longer aware of his existence, surroundings, family or friends. The patient is technically alive in that there is a pulse, the heart is beating, and the blood is moving. The patient at this point is no longer aware of any pain, and there is no hope that a reversal of any of these characteristics is possible now or in the immediate future.

The patient is technically alive but any sort of positive life is gone. The Doctor might say that he brought the patient into the world, provided health care for years,  and then extended the patients life well beyond any reasonable possibility of any activity except death.  The Doctor, instead of claiming to be a hero, should be ashamed.

The Doctor should, under the direction of the patient, family, or medical community,  extend life only as far as there is a hope of reversal to a reasonable and enjoyable lifestyle.

The ability to return to a minimum quality of life should be a major factor.


Monday, March 28, 2016

Religious War Again

Americans are avoiding the obvious. We are thoroughly enmeshed in a  religious war with the Religion of Islam that threatens us and most other nations of the world. It's guerrilla type war rather than a conventional one, but  war nevertheless. Battles usually involve a small number of victims, but not always. The attack on 9/11 for example, resulted in a very large death toll. There are have been several other large and vicious attacks as well. Usually they involve a few perpetrators led by an independent leader and designed to murder as many people as possible. Americans persist in referring to each attack as an "isolated terrorist incident", or some other even less disturbing woods.  Actually, they are the attacks of a singularly vicious enemy. An enemy like no other we've seen looking back in time several centuries.  It is a large war that has two alarming characteristics: 

1. The support and attacks are largely coming from people who have nothing to lose. They lead impoverished lives of overwhelming poverty, and the foot soldiers are often suicidal fanatics. They are for the most part still unorganized and have no real leadership structures although this is beginning to change.

2. These people, our enemy, turn to the Religion of Islam to justify butchering those that resist, and the large scale killing of innocents. For simple atrocities they claim their actions to be sanctified by Sharia Law. They claim the murdering is sanctified by their Holy Book, the Qu'ran.

We have been blaming "radical Islam" and not the overall causative agent, The "Religion of Islam" itself. With one mistake we have excused the 80% or more of the peaceful people that practise the "Religion of Islam"
Isn't this rather stupid? 

Peaceful Muslim millions should be the most vocal, most powerful, and most effective enemies of Islamic Terrorism - but they are not They ignore their responsibility. Why is there no adequate response from peaceful Muslims?

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Grand Old Party Isn't Anymore

The GOP has an impressive history. It's ancestry more or less started with Abe Lincoln and ended most recently with G.W. Bush. Along the way there were some stalwart fellows and some duds, but overall the Grand Old Party evolved to stand for small government, less federal footprint on citizens, to favor states rights where ever possible, and the common sense attributes: "beware of spending money you don't have as it inevitably leads to failure." The GOP also  has a history of favoring a strong military to help defer policies unfavorable to America, and for protection of the Nation if threatened".

At the moment however (2016) the GOP seems to stand in unity for very little indeed. 

Several Republican candidates are contesting to be President, and with the exception of Gov. John Kalish, and before he dropped out Dr. Ben Carson, the others have degraded campaigning to the most disgraceful level since the days of duels. Meanwhile, the agenda, policies, plans or programs of the GOP remain somewhat hidden in the mist.

The greatest amount of GOP campaigning time has been spent by the leading three candidates to criticize illegal immigration and how big the wall should be. The distant fourth candidate, John Kalish, has steadfastly refused to denounce immigrants at all, and doesn't want to talk about walls, period. These positions typically confuses the electorate. 

  • Apparently MR. TRUMP favors: 
    a. a temporary halt to all Muslims until 
    such time as we can improve our screening
    to identify potential Islamic terrorists.   
    b.Trump also wants to complete the wall 
    between Mexico and the United States, and
    c.assign National Guard units to 
      complement Current Border Patrol
  • SEN. TED CRUZ  agrees to tighten our immigration laws to prevent illegal immigration and seems to follow the Conservative line. 
  • SEN. MARCO RUBIO appears to favor none of the above, and does not appear to be s strong candidate.
  • DR. BEN CARSON also does not impress. Intelligent yes, but unable to verbally express himself.
  • GOV. JOHN KALISH  prefers a route to legalization and otherwise doesn't want to join the others in the immigration gutter.He has not been able to out shout Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz who insist on a loud and abrasive verbal battle of personalities.  
   Mr. Kalish clearly is the most qualified      
   candidate. He is a moderate (conservative
   in some things and liberal in others. He 
   is the closest to the GOP establishment 
   and better able to bring together 
   the different factions. 


What, pray tell, is to be done?