Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Last Democrat Dumbo

America has barely survived the worst President ever to serve in the office. Yes, Mr. Obama gets the trophy. There is about 60 hours left of his term in office and he is using it to sabotage his successor. This fits perfectly with his lack of character. 

Today he released four more terrorists that we were housing in Gitmo, and returned them to the middle east to fight us again. A bitter and stupid action.

Mr. Obama is the same guy that commuted the sentences of more convicted criminals and more military prisoners during his eight years in office than any other President in recent memory. Hundreds of them. 

Today he also threw out the sentence of the transgender soldier that gave Wikileaks highly classified information that many people thought was responsible for the death of active duty soldiers. At the time of this traitor's trial he/she fully earned a capital conviction, but the sentence was reduced to long years of jail time. There was 35 or so more years to go when Obama signed the release,. He should never have done so. 

Back to the point. There is only a few hours left before incoming President Trump replaces outgoing Barack Obama - who has continuously attacked and degraded Mr. Trump and publicly supported the Democratic Party machine's discredited Hillary Clinton during the campaign. She lost and Trump won. Mr. Obama can not accept it.

Now, in the last 30 days or so of his lame-duck presidency, Mr. Obama is doing everything he can to assure a conflicted transition of power. He is a very bitter and nasty person.

The ultra-liberal Democratic members of Congress have decided that they will not attend the inauguration. Several have openly declared that they will never cooperate with legislation developed by President Trump's administration. This makes them, in my opinion, anti-American dumbos. They should be prevented from holding any government job again, ever. 

Whether liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat .. or other, all Americans must recognize the our new President and his administration. Then afterward, if any of us object to any political activity whatever, there are hundreds of ways to legally and peacefully protest, argue or picket. 


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Black Talk

Racial bitterness. I wonder if the black vs white problem will ever be solved? I think Probably bot. It will never be resolved unless both sides can put it's the history behind them and start anew as equal neighbors, but is there always an extremist fringe on both sides that fester and fume and divide. They, on each side, include people that have a some public standing that allows them to  aggravate this sensitive division of races. These racist twiddles continue 
deplorable racism in our society.

In no particular order the aggravating group includes: 

Rev. Jesse Jackson / Rev. Al Sharpton / Rev. Jeremiah Wright / Barack Obama Former President / Eric Holder Former Atty. General / Congresswoman Maxine Waters / Congressman John Lewis / Danny Glover Actor / Eddie Murphy Actor

All of these people have been active for years trying to convince blacks they are inferior to whites. They have do their best to perpetuate the idea that blacks have always been victims in society, and the idea is being promoted and carried forward by ultra liberal, left leaning, socialist educators and politicians since 1865 and before. They ignore that the Civil War marked a huge step forward in the social and economic movement to help blacks people rise in society. The fact that there has been a steady improvement of opportunities, a steady rise class, improvement of living conditions, and a huge improvement of black education, they simply forget and rarely mention. 

We must continue to recognize that a tiny germ of truth remains in the fact that discrimination of blacks is still around. There are ignorant white folks that still believe blacks can not learn, can not excel at anything, and can not improve their status. The attitude stems from the ancient history of subjagated black societies. In America many generations have passed by since the 1865 Civil War when so many whites looked on blacks as lesser people. Political pressure, Christianity and a dominant white society did very little to level the playing field between the races.  

In early America most whites came from Europe and Russia. At that time in history white people dominated most of the world by forcing blacks and other minorities to submit to their power.  This was done in order to enrich the lives of the white population. 

In America, blacks and other minorities experienced a big change after the American Civil War. 


Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Wall

History is filled with walls made to keep people in or out. Some have worked and others have not. The Israeli Wall has helped the Israelis, the Berlin Wall provided only limited success to Russia, and so forth. Now America  wants to construct a wall between Mexico and the United States. Will it work?

The idea is that a physical wall will keep immigrants from Mexico, Central America, and elsewhere, from crossing the border between Mexico and America from except through controlled access gates. Sorry Mr. Trump but I don't think it will succeed.  

Much of the wall has already been constructed and has shown only limited success. At this point Mr. Trump has only to complete the border and find a way to control access to America. Once the fence is complete, Illegal immigrants can be expected to find a way to pass through the other 8,000 miles of America's unprotected borders. 

So, FORGET THE WALL and tackle the real problem. Ridiculous Immigration policies. Updating Immigration laws. Enforcing the new immigration laws. Treat the existing illegal immigrants fairly. 

America should always welcome immigrants but at the present time there are too many coming arriving too fast.  

  • Too many immigrants have no intention to become citizens. (temporary visas only)
  • Too many that do not wish to learn our national (english) language. (temporary visas only)
  • Too many who do not know our laws or do not wish to comply with them. (no visas and admittance)
  • Too many who are completely unschooled and unskilled. (temporary visas with adequate time periods to become schooled and skilled) success to be followed by a more permanent visa to stay.
Could we not design a vetting and testing prerequisite for legal entry?

Can we not find a reasonable program that will allow established illegal residents to become citizens and stay?

Can we not construct a visa program to handle: 
  • Immigrants who want to visit or work and go home. 
  • Immigrants who want to become citizens and stay in America. 
  • Minimum qualifications for visa applications.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Welcome Vetted Immigrants

Immigrants have become a dangerous problem. They pour into America in such large numbers that we can not absorb them without damaging the fabric of American society. Perhaps our government should decide what percentage of people can be absorbed annually without serious impact on our existing population.. 
  • If our population is about 300,000,000 and 
  • we limit immigration to 2% (for example), 
  • then the total number of immigrants allowed would be 6,000,000. 
  • If we then allow only 2% of another country's population to immigrate to America, and then only until our yearly 6,000,000 quota is established.

1. We must not prohibit immigrants from coming, but we must establish a yearly limit.
2. We must investigate their record in the country they are from, and/or were born.
3. We must turn away all who may be considered a possible danger to others.
4. We must challenge anyone who appears questionable in any way.
5. The first (temporary) permit should expire after 360 days.
6. If they qualify for citizenship in that period they may stay as citizens.
7. If they do not, they must return to the place they came from, or elsewhere.
8. We must deport immigrants who are not interested in citizenship during the 360 days.


Liberal Fools In Hollywood

Watched the Golden Globe Awards show last night. As usual, it was not a very good presentation. The host was his normal blah self and was largely ignored. The actual show itself was almost average - except when it strayed into political opinion. The Golden Globes, is not the place for anyone to use the microphone to advance or even mention politics. This production was filled with liberal political garbage.

Should we not expect the audience, participants, and award winners to be happy and grateful, to thank those that helped them achieve their celebrity? 

But a few award winners this year chose to be stupid.  

The actors and actresses that were out of line were all, everyone of them, ultra-liberal Democratic Party members who are unhappy with the outcome of the recent presidential election. They truly believe the are superior and more politically knowledgeable than half of their fans and followers. They actually consider their celebrity has bestowed brilliance upon them that must be shared from their prominence  On this occasion each one of this twits belong to a rabidly-liberal-socialist-communist minority in America who voted for Hillary Clinton, and they lost  the very close election. 

It takes a mentally challenged person to stand on a stage and tell half of the audience  and half of their fans that they are stupid. The hype and build up during the presidential campaign provided a serious division between those who approved the progressive trend of the government, and those who rejected it. 

What purpose is served by jackass actors alienating half of the people they entertain?


Monday, January 9, 2017

So I Voted For Trump

After no more than two seconds of deliberation I voted for Donald Trump. Well, actually I voted against Hillary. She has proved over and over that her decisions have been wrong. She is a living example of political corruption and  and as far as I'm concerned she is a proven criminal is and disqualified for any sort of public office. Of course, Donald Trump was a gamble. An important gamble. There was no other choice.

Like a number of Americans I have been on the sidelines for years as the Democratic Party pushed their left wing progressive ideas. They kept telling everyone that they knew the best way to run a government. Their ideas have generally asked the government to provide more of everything. In order to do so they keep adding to the government employment rolls and increasing the national debt. I'm not talking about wars and the military, but looking at most everything else.

America came of age during World War Two. Following that awful conflict we became the most powerful nation on the planet. Our brilliant politicians decided that to protect that position and to attempt to ensure ourselves from further wars America must insert itself in foreign affairs. We needed to protect the vulnerable nations from the aggressive nations. So we grandly spent our money on what became  known as dollar diplomacy. We rebuilt our World War enemies, we stationed military bases in politically sensitive and defenseless countries, and we continued to spend money to build an extraordinary and overwhelming military superiority and became the world's policeman.

For a while both of our political parties pretty much stayed on their track. The Democrats continued their liberal agendas and the Republicans tended to resist. Time passed. The Democrats have now evolved and become today's ultra liberal, far left, progressive political party. Meanwhile, the Republicans first aided the military industrial complex and neglected domestic problems, that is until both developed into dangerous situations. Then, more recently, the Republicans began drifting in and out of more conservative and traditional agendas. Today the Republicans are a conflicted party. Perhaps 'confused' is a better word to use.

So Donald Trump has been elected. The rabid, ultra liberal left extremists are protesting way too much. They strongly feel that America is no longer exceptionable and our form government is no longer competent. They believe we should trend toward socialism. 

The Donald Trump supporters believe that our government remains definitely exceptionable and the traditions of America must be preserved. Like the Americans of the past, the Donald Trump supporters expect the more reasonable citizens should join forces and try to make the change of direction a success. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

And One Last Thing

A list of Twitters never sent. Short comments on whatever floats by, and as worthless as most of todays news. Todays news? Blood and guts, political, historical and economic facts all rendered progressive or conservative by unbiased reporters. Unbiased? Sure it is. But It's not only the media that has become unhinged, the elites of society have decided historical thoughts and ageless traditions are holding us back - and must be changed immediately. So say the empty headed scholars.  

The universe arrived and nobody knows why or when. Can we agree on that? Our logic says it must have started. The curious person asks why? At some point man decided God did it - and you may use what ever name you chose for a supernatural supreme deity. From that conjecture we all evolved, and if we follow that concept everything that has transpired since is the result of man's ability to think, reason, pollute and destroy. 

To turn this negative around we must create the scientific ability to reach and populate other celestial bodies, and to improve civilization both here and there. We also must help impoverished human beings.  Scientific progress is probably one of our best tools.  Our media outlets tell us that the most abject poverty lies in places like Africa, Bangladesh, Somalia and Haiti. Unfortunately it's not true. The problem is universal and exists all over the earth - as well as our drive toward destruction.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Frustration With Authority

A revolution is coming. The world's disadvantaged populations, are turning their anger towards lawful authority. All of us must pay attention. The causes are certainly more than discrimination, racial differences, and poverty. It  just isn't that simple. The most obvious basic cause is the gap (economic difference) between rich and poor. There is also a religious component of great importance - but is just that. A relatively small but important component.

Christianity is increasingly a "tough sell" and  it's population of believers is shrinking.  Islam is a bit younger and is the victim of an internal schism between Sunni and Shite, and between peaceful expansion and militant aggression. Together, Christians and Muslims are discontented around the world. That's a bit harsh, but each has failed to relieve impoverishment and to bring peace and harmony to their adherents. 

It is becoming apparent that the philosophic concept of spirituality is steadily giving way to science, technology. realism and logic.

In America there is a growing distrust of government and disrespect for law. The disintegration of the historic "family unit" is resulting in relentless changes:  
  • There is decreasing pride in ancestry. 
  • Most parents are unwed.
  • Many families include children of differing parentage.  
  • The number of children living with one parent is increasing fast.
  • Young and old adults are spending more time away from home to work. 
  • Many children do not receive adequate guidance or advice from adults. 
  • Educational systems don't overcome the lack of parental guidance. 
  • Our welfare programs are helpful - but always wasteful and expensive.
  • Too many of our welfare programs encourage a recipient not to work.
As the influence of church, family, police, laws, and general distrust of authority continues to spread, if not turned around, civilization will suffer more and more.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

America Sliding To Failure

Be forewarned. My modest knowledge of history is on the surface only.  I've no real depth of scholarship. What follows is a simple set of recollections.

I was very young when F.D.R. was President and the European war was gearing up. The industrial revolution was in full swing, and the war in Europe was threatening.  Sometime, perhaps it was about then, the American work force started to move faster to the cities to take factory jobs.  Rural America was fading while industrial America was waking up.

In the early 19th century Europe, particularly England, was enduring hard times. The King's laws and onerous taxation was bitterly opposed. Work was hard to find. Money and food was scarce. Moving to another land offered a chance to escape and America seemed to offer the most opportunity. At the same time there was a strong movement of people in search of religious freedom. The Catholic and Protestant split probably started the movement, but it became a general challenge of religious and theological ideas. Serious differences developed between factions. New Protestant denominations were born. The pressure to achieve the freedom to worship was fierce. All of these things contributed to the increasingly relentless immigration to the new world. 

The King of England faced a double edged sword. On the one hand he wanted and encouraged the people to leave England thereby reducing the huge demand for public welfare. On the other hand he wanted to retain the ability to tax any future success the immigrants might have. He ultimately failed, the American Revolution of 1776 and the subsequent Declaration of Independence sealed the deal.

The immigrants set out to establish a new kind of government in America. It was  to be crafted in a way that every citizen could participate by voting for a  government divided into three separate and equal divisions. The concept required any two of the divisions to watch over the third. The founding fathers described this in detail in the Constitution,  Bill of Rights, and other founding documents. Most importantly, there was to be freedom and opportunity for every new citizen. The new federal government was to grant:   
  • Every citizen the right to own property, 
  • The freedom to observe his or her chosen religion, 
  • A free market monetary system.
  • Protection of freedoms, rights, and property by the federal government. 
It was also decreed that Church and State were to be firmly separated to protect religious freedom for all, and the government from religious interference.

The Far Left Progressives are making a general assault on liberty in the name of an alliance between secularism and statism. It's well beyond the more ridiculous  political correctness that began the assault. It is now a concerted effort to remove our existing federal government, increase the size and control of the successor government, install social democracy and eventually have a federal state structure much like communism. 

Yes, it is happening now.
No, I am not a radical conservative

The far left dominates our media, entertainment industry, universities, metropolitan areas, and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. It's a fact. The Democrats pride themselves on a devotion to equality which  they consider the foremost demand of social justice. This supposition is not correct. The question is not whether equality is good, but which forms of equality are morally relevant and which should the government protect.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Trump Comes To Town

I'm a very slow reader. When a blustering Trump first hit the political road I thought he was some kind of joke with his ridiculous red hair mop and a Jersey boy gutter speech pattern. During the following weeks he firmly, and not very politely, proceeded to accuse the establishment of gross corruption and dereliction of duty. He put his clumsy and angry voice to all of the national problems he could think of.  He focused on very progressive liberal Democrats whose actions have led us to the mess we find ourselves in. So sayeth Mr. Trump.  He went on to establish his (Starwars) ambitious  plan to:  
  • 1. To take back the White House from the
  •      Obama/Hillary types
  • 2.  To shake up and remove the corrupt politicians from the establishment
  • 3.  Return America to invincible stature among the worlds nations.
  • 4.  Bring back monetary support of our enemies. (Egypt, for example?)
  • 5.  Withdraw our military protection of nations that can protect themselves. 
  • 6.  And from nations that do not support our humanitarian efforts in the world.
  • 7.  Temporarily slow or halt immigration and return the control of borders law.
  • 8    Provide a timed path where illegal immigrants can become Americans. 
  • 9.  Deport those who do not complete the path. 
  • 10. Return to a planned immigration quota system.
  • 11. Insist on English as America's only official language.
  • 12. Eliminate attacks on the second amendment. 
  • 13. Prohibit private ownership of explosive weapons used by our military forces.
  • 14. Restrict rapid fire weapons by additional security and increased taxation.
The Democrat Party candidate Hillary Clinton, being a proven liar, accused criminal, and military secrets abuser, simply can not be elected President.  It is still months before the election. The loudest, most personal, and ugliest primary season in memory is over. Hillary is the Democratic candidate.

The Republican Party candidate Donald Trump, comes across as vulgar and crude. He is clearly not a polished politician, diplomat or scholar, and he apparently knows little or nothing about our military. Potentially Donald Trump brings a few things to the job. 

  • He is smart, articulate and a good negotiator. 
  • He has valid credentials managing and administrating a business.
  • He bends liberal when necessary, but is independent or conservative more often.
  • He has not been proven a liar or criminal. 
  • He is considered to be honest. 
  • He thinks much of our foreign aide is wasted. 
  • He believes in Capitalism. 
  • He knows our income tax system is no longer fair to all.
  • He knows that the American election systems are broken.
  • He understands that our three political divisions are no longer equal.
  • He sees great merit and relevance in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

All things considered, Donald Trump is the most suited Candidate for the office.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Comments About Rain's Comments

Hi Rain    Now and then I make a mistake. A couple of years ago you took issue with one of my blog notes. As I recall it involved a few things a "righty" (Greybeard?) sent to me, not something I wrote. I usually avoid comments about comments - and set the matter aside. That was my mistake. I don't remember why you got mad at Greybeard, but you said that you decided not to write about politics for a while. It sounded like you didn't want to stay in touch with me either so I dropped out of sight.  I had enjoyed our contact now and then, it was my loss.  You now have several good blogs. I still read them and wish I could write as well. Perhaps I can get back in your good graces. I hope so. 

ps: I just read one of your excellent books, "Round The Bend", and thought it was excellent. I plan to order the other three in the series.  

Take care.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

We, The Dummies

The Republican Party is almost out of business and they deserve to be gone.  Something happened to the Grand Old Party that turned them into dust. They slowly became corrupt (like the Democrats) decided; "you can forever spend more than you have". They swallowed idiot pills and our entire Federal Government went wacky.  Now days the tendency is to blame President Obama for all of the ills we are facing. That's not fair or even close. He may contributed a little to the problems, but there have been many others before Mr. Obama. Where to start?

Not Long After 1776: Who first decided that we could borrow from future tax collections to finance the problems of the day.  No one seems tot know, but if the Revolutionary War was financed with money from the public treasury, that may have been the beginning. Regardless, certainly by WWI the practice was normal and approved. It had become the normal way to finance spending money we didn't have but expected sometime in the future. By WWII our industrial revolution was well under way and the demand for public (taxed) money increased astronomically. 

The Two World Wars : Thousands became millions, millions became billions, and now 250 years later, deficit borrowing has become the tool of politicians to fund anything at all. This would be fine if someone stood up and said "whoa". But they don't!  Americans should insist on spending no more until most of the debt is paid off. It seem obvious that we need a solid plan to retire the balance. Our nation now has about  $20,000,000,000,000 in debt. This is well more than we, plus our children, plus our grandchildren, plus their children - can pay without disrupting the lives completely and  this debt is destroying America as we know it. 

No Silver-No Gold-No Standard.  Historic attempts to address the problem usually involve devaluing our currency. This is not the way to go, however during  President Nixon's administration it was decided to do so. They simply separated our money from the silver standard. That action freed the federal government from the silver anchor of our worthless script,  we then said that even with no backing or support, our dollars were worth a dollar of goods in trade. Actually, we lied. The separation from a world valued standard (silver) did indeed devalue our money.

A Nation In Trouble. Today America has reached a fork in the road and must decide how and when to reduce the federal debt. In political terms we are (supposedly) represented by two political organizations; The Republican Party and The Democratic Party. There are many splinter groups as well. The Republican Party seems to have spawned the Conservative Party,  and the Democrats have spawned the Ultra Liberal Left. Now we have essentially four factions that apparently are not effectively representing our citizens. 

The Worst Candidates Lead In The Polls. A 
Presidential election coming up and it's been a long time since we've had such a poor selection of Democratic candidates. 

      1. Hillary Clinton who is a proven liar, and cheat, and considered an unethical person, is the 
         leading Democratic candidate and her opponent, Bernie Sanders, who is 76 years old and has
         admits the is a far left Socialist. Both of these candidates favor large governments, political
         controls, and greatly enhanced welfare systems.
      2.  The Republicans still have four candidates.  
  • Donald Trump who almost everyone agrees is not qualified to be President is currently ahead in the primary vote count.
  • Senator Ted Cruz who seems well qualified but follows a strict conservative agenda rather than the Republican "establishment agenda.
In my opinion none of these candidates should be selected.