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What Happens When We Die

My friend Rain up in Oregon has been thinking about her mortality and has led me to do the same. None of us knows just when we will stop living. There may be a hint or two, but the exact time remains hidden. Religions often teach that there is life after death. I've always wondered about that. My reasoning tells me that when a person passes from life to death everything stops. But then perhaps not? Perhaps the phrase life after death refers to something a person has done that lingers in someone else's memory forever. People that so believe, carry this to infinity. In other words, if a strong memory remains for a generation, a less strong memory will pass to a descendant, and then to another, forever.

Science tells us that infinity is endless, and that the smallest particle can be further divided. For me it is a stretch to accept either, but in a way both infinity and endless divisibility are related to death for as long as time goes on there will be an immeasurably tiny memo…

Third Party Time

Republicans have blown it big time. They have spit on their loyal Conservative members for the last time. Most Conservatives are not only dissatisfied but disgusted. Republicans have become every bit as corrupt as the Democrats. They have become amazingly stupid. Why? Greed? Fear of re-election? An electorate that just doesn't care enough to vote responsibly? All of the above.

Liberal Democrats have discovered they can beat the Republicans with their hands down. All they have to do it promise more money to voters. They treat public money (your tax dollars) as inexhaustible. Need more money? Just raise taxes and print more. At this moment the President and his minions are racing to empty the treasury. Can this be a good thing for America? 

Entitlements are killing us. Why do the liberals find this so hard to understand? As individuals, we have all  (unfortunately) learned to spend more than we earn. It has become a normal way of life in middle class and wealthy homes, and has led…