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Mark Turner Notes

I started writing about Mark Turner a few weeks ago. I attempted to sort out Mark's complicated problems but had incomplete information. I have since erased my attempt.

Mark's past used car business needs to be examined by a court appointed accountant. The Trial Judge and Prosecutor did not have the background to make a decision in Mark's case. They accused hims of money laundering and, he was found guilty, and they wrongly sentenced him and denied him an appeal.

Florida has it's own laws and rules, but regardless, Mark's case was not handled correctly.  He should be granted a re-trial. 

Three things stand out:
1. Mark Turner has been wrongly sentenced     to 3 terms of 12.5 years each in prison.
2. He (Mark) brought a $36,000,000 civil lawsuit     against Pete Moore in 2002 and it is still pending.
3. Pete Moore is a very slippery fellow.