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How Can Any Of Us Be So Stupid

The political debate is becoming ridiculous. The venom that flows makes an unintelligible impact. Yet we, the unwashed and supposedly stupid citizens, are expected to make sense of the political debate. It's almost impossible.  Our political system attracts a fairly wide spectrum of talent yet a large segment of Congress were lawyers at one time. So right off the mark we can extrapolate that most members of Congress have received at least part of their education from a college or university and that many have gone on to become a lawyer.  Think about that for a moment. The apprentice political people we have elected to govern are most often the upper crust or elite of our society. 
Why then do so many become corrupt and greedy once in office?
These people started out pretty good. They really did know right from wrong and so forth, but then something happened. They found that to channel their efforts in the direction they wished to go, they must bargain and compromise. These two elem…

Are All Muslims Our Enemy?

My infinite wisdom has let me down again.
After 9/11 and reading about the reactions around the world, I concluded that America was soon to be tested.  Terrorism had definitely arrived on our virgin shores - and would not be going away until we learned how to deal with it. All Americans were confused. We quickly learned that the terrorists that  carried out the attack were neither stupid nor cowards. We didn't understand them at all. In our experience, educated, capable people just didn't drive airliners into buildings. But it was done.
What would motivate an individual to do such a horrendous act? Instantly, from our long exposure to the on-going terror faced by Israel, we knew the answer would be tied to the PEACEFUL RELIGION OF ISLAM. It was clearly in our best interest to study this, the second largest religion in the world. We obviously would have to know our new enemy better than we did before 9/11.
These Youtube videos provide a pretty good summary of Islam and it's d…

My Liberal Friend Rain - Again

Hi Rain . . . Just read your blog "Answering some questions with my opinions" and found it as thought provoking your thoughts usually are.   We agree on who carried out the 9/11 attack.  We agree that we have a pretty good reason to go after the "terrorist group within Islam", and we agree that President Bush made several elementary mistakes in his decision to make war on blustering Iraq. We agree that Iraq did not attack America and if it had any part in the 9/11 disaster, it was certainly (and well known at the time) a very, very small part. They may (or may not) have had one or more of the terrorist plotters as a guest for a temporary and insignificant short time living on Iraqi soil. That was Iraq's one and only connection to 9/11, and to this day we are not certain about it.
Hindsight proves that President Bush never should have attacked a nation (Iraq) that had not attacked us. The notion of beginning a preemptive war is non-sense . . . but if we are goin…

The Ongoing Debate With Rain

Hi Rain . . .
When a person has descended from Irish and Highlander stock you can expect an argumentative result. From the get-go I've enjoyed your bright and sometimes stubborn prose. It's obvious that you are smarter than I am (durn it) - and also write better.  My only weapon is common sense and a pretty good idea of what is right and what is wrong.
Not long ago you replied to one of my regular epistles about the religion of Islam. I know I tend to speak with a forked tongue sometimes, but I usually keep my written stuff close to what I really believe. There is, however, a leprechaun living in my keyboard that now and then pushes the envelope. When my text is displayed on the screen I don't always realize that I've gone over the top. You know, a bit too far.
I rely on you and other bloggers to pull me back from the abyss. Your recent reply was precisely that, an attempt to get me to back off and smell the roses. It worked. The subject that caused your objection was, I…

New Immigrant Propulsion System Seen At The Border

This one struck my funny bone about a year ago. Another copy arrived this morning and struck it again.  Apparently Democrats have no interest in preserving our country for future generations. They look at illegal immigrants as future Democrats. Are they nuts? The overwhelming numbers of immigrants passing over our southern borders has visibly started to degrade America and it's prosperity. Of course, welfare for some is badly needed and a blessing, but for a larger number recipients it is a heavy iron collar around their necks. When we provide welfare for this latter group, it is counter productive at best. It teaches dependence, stifles ambition and results in perpetual poverty.
The majority of poor and uneducated Hispanic people crossing our southern borders are sapping the strength and well being of American citizens. Across the nation there is apparently no resistance to legal immigrants that follow American rules and laws. It is widely believed that the laws on our books prov…

Nostalgia 1950-60 Best Yet

I just received an e-mail from a friend, an 86 year old Sons of Norway member. He's been selling tickets for a Kiwanis program I'm in charge of and the last sentence of his note tickled my funny bone:
"I think I've sold the last ticket possible
      - because everyone else I know is 

If you are in the older than sand category, I think you will like what you find on the following link. Give it a try.
It's a good one.


Weapons For Everybody - Yes or No

I was originally from Minnesota where I lived up north for a time. In hunting country. I found out at an early age that I didn't enjoy hunting at all.  I learned that I actually HATE the idea of killing little or big critters.  It's just so damn unfair.
Our ancestors may have had to hunt for food. That doesn't trouble me. Not much anyway. I must admit that it would be difficult for me to work as a butcher taking animals apart. I've had to gut and skin a few small animals. Not my favorite thing to do. When I was about 14 years old I said; "never again".
I was 16 when I drove with a couple of friends to the Kratka Ridge Skiing Area up Angeles Crest Highway. The car was a brand spanking new Volvo P2. Small as a VW Bug but with an engine twice the size. At the end of the day on the hill we were exhausted. Shadows on the moguls made skiing difficult if not dangerous. We packed up and started back down the highway. By the time we were about half way home it had beco…

And Our Kool Aid Leadership Fails


Like most of you I am up to my eyeballs in nasty political rhetoric. The extremes of partisan politics are tearing us apart - and doing great harm to America in the process.  Most of the vehement anger is between:


The extremes of neither party offer a workable system of government.
The differences between these two groups have divided our government  into hostile partisan  camps at a time that our WORLD is rapidly becoming more dangerous. America should be presenting a strong and UNITED front. Not everyone in other countries realizes that most Americans gravitate toward the middle in respect to their politics. Most Americans follow neither extreme. They are proud that they can have civil discussions and debates about their political opinions.
The people of other countries, blinded by the spectacular rhetoric of th…

Things That Go Bump & Other Irritations

When you answer the phone you say hello and the caller asks "who am I talking to please?'
Defining what is, is.
Mail addressed to you and asking you to fill in your name and address and return.

Republicans who don't follow and defend the Constitution,  Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence.
The Republicans that will most likely vote to seat Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court.
Politicians that ignore the disqualification facts  uncovered by Jeff Sessions about Elena Kagan.
Partisan politics preached from church pulpits. Corrupt politicians. Entitlements without merit

Racial preferences anywhere at any time
The lack of Post Office standard sizes and weights of advertising mail.
Telephone sales people that call during dinner time.
No punishment for proven sex abusers in the Catholic Church