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Reagan's Mistakes or The Best of Two Bad Choices

Reagan planned to cut two energy departments. (Energy and Education).
Instead, he added one -and it became the Deprtment of Veteran's Affairs which is now the 2nd largest of them all. Reagan's "To Be Elected Rules".
Publish a book with your name in it and on it. Proudly invoke the 40th President and the intention to return to his values, small government, low taxes, and self reliance.  Liberal Democrats like to point out that when Reagan was President the country was:  not ruled by his values, nor were thrift and hard work rewarded properly, nor did the government know it's place. Conservative Republicans proudly say "Under  Reagan federal employment increased".  Total federal employment rose from 4.9 million to 5.3 million.  When Reagan TOOK office the federal budget was:   $600 billion revenue, spending was 680 billion, and there was a deficit of $79 billion.   When he LEFT office the federal budget was:  $909 billion, the spending was $1.1 trillion, and t…

News Mess

We do not receive anything close to accurate and non-biased news. Was it ever available? No, and it never will be. The root of distortion is almost always 'wealth'.  Wealth can describe acres of ground,  a number of camels, dollars in the bank, bars of gold bullion, and so on. A student looking in on the major problems of humanity, always ends up with 'wealth'. There is too little or too much, deserved or undeserved, earned and not earned.  So it is 'wealth' at the root of human problems.

The difference between rich and poor, sometimes referred to as the 'gap', is the most aggravating problem. There are, for example, millions who are born into extreme poverty and who never will be able to improve their circumstances. For no particular reason there are others born into wealthy circumstances who will never experience anything close to poverty.

Why does this happen? The religions present in the world try to find answers. There is no answer. Religion, theol…

Rocio And The Lost e-mail

I just discovered that an e-mail I sent to you several days ago - probably didn't go out.  The reason is long and not too important anyway. Suffice to say that there have been at least a month of problems in our family. It doesn't bode well for our Christmas. Right now I'm getting over pneumonia and Linda is suffering through her last (hopefully) days of the shingles. Word to the wise: Don't ever get the shingles. I missed the last DCM. Hope you made it and promoted out new club. I've decided to drop out of Fountain Valley and re-join Santa Ana. I visited there and was happily welcomed back. I doubt I will be punished for straying. Meanwhile one of my best friends for the last  60 years died at Hoag. His death didn't help my disposition. This business of depression is a bummer. I've missed our morning coffee - a lot! I know you're busy. In fact I am amazed at the vigorous Kiwanis activities you are able to fir into the schedule. My I-Mac went down in f…