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Peter Arnett Visits The Geezers

PETER ARNETT 7-22-2010

Yesterday our guest at the Geezer's Book Club meeting was the intrepid journalist, Peter Arnett.  Ray Herndon, one of our regular members, has known Peter Arnett for over  40 years. They were friendly competitive reporters during the war in Viet Nam, and the friendship has survived several wars since. Peter began speaking with an overview of his time in  Viet Nam, and then briefly related a few highlights of the first 1st and 2nd war in Iraq.  After taking a deep breath, Peter focused on the intended subject of the day, China and the Chinese people.

Peter is now teaching journalism at a college about 400 miles north of Hong Kong, near the Chinese coast. Peter is 76 years old, in good health, full of energy and enjoys his job as an educator. In that capacity he is able to travel unhindered (not everyone can) throughout China. He has personally observed the daily trials, troubles and opportunities that abound in this huge and complicated country.  
Peter de…

Islam Is Coming Fast

Every generation faces new and different problems. You and I will be in the ground when this one finally arrives - yet it is up to us to figure out now how best to deal with it. Islam is referred to as a religion but it is much more than that. It is an entire way of life based on civilization as it was hundreds of years ago. Since it is so intertwined with laws, rules, ethics, morals and psychology - I prefer to think of it as a POLITICAL SYSTEM rather than a RELIGION.
Islam, as a political system, is a ruthless, bloody, medieval way of life - and not acceptable. Regardless, we must find some way to deal with it's increasing numbers. Muslims will soon dominate our modern and sophisticated societies whether we like it or not. That means it's crucial and urgent that we devise NOW a plan to accommodate the transition.
1. Can it be done?
2. If so, how? 

CAUTION:  I have not verified that all of the information in this video is accurate. I think it is, but it needs to be checked out. …

The Pope Goes Backwards . . . Again ?

Most of my friends know I am a rather skeptical Christian with many unresolved questions. Regardless, a few years ago I became a fan of Pope John Paul and I've read many of his books.  No, I didn't always agree,  but I did respect his thoughts regarding the Catholic Church's position on most issues. I believe Pope John Paul was a terrific person, an outstanding intellectual, and a powerful advocate of Catholic religious thought.
Pope Benedict followed, and has a completely different personality. They say he is a bright light in Catholicism, but frankly, I think he pales in comparison with Pope John Paul. The new Pope shoots himself in the foot periodicaly, and I do not think it benefits the troubled Catholic Church.
Here is a typical example. In 2001 and 2005 the Church issued watered down policy statements attempting to put a bandaid on the sexual abuse problem. Now, years later,  Pope Benedict is again in the process of defining penalties for PRIESTS who sexually abuse chi…

Racist. Not me my friend, not ever.

I write a lot of critical comments about many things and many people. It is presumed that my readers might be of any color, creed, religion, or other distinctive description. Since most of the writing concerns historical, sociological, religious or political aspects of what ever the subject happens to be, it's no surprise that there are people that disagree with me.
A few days ago one of my favorite bloggers, Kay,  told me that my writing suggests that I am a racist.  At first I was outraged and offended, but when I cooled down I realized that reaction would get me no place. Instead I should find out exactly what Kay found offensive. I reviewed my blog going back over a year, found absolutely no clue, and I am now more puzzled than ever.   So what in the world has Kay found?
There are a few public people that I believe are now (or were once) racist. Henry Ford was a well known anti-Semite. George Wallace was anti-Black. Reverends Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Jeremia Wright are ea…

Sleeping, C-PAP and Pills BLOG 2

Some time has passed since I wrote of experiences with my C-PAP machine. I have finally figured out how to make the most of it, and I am able to reliably use it 6 to 8 hours per night. Not in one stretch however. I still wake at least once during the night and have to readjust the face mask.  My success is due to 3 things:
                                     1.  Perserverance                                       2.  Remzzz gaskets                                       3.  Turning the moisture knob on maximum.
Okay, now it's time to address the other problem: 

I was an active 70 when I sold my business. My plan, as I've described elsewhere, was to finally purchase a small motorcycle, move to a more rural location, where it is less expensive to live, purchase a smaller (1400 t0 1800 sq. ft,) one story home, and join a local fraternal or service club.  Notice that there is one big, major assumption not mentioned. I don't know why (?) but all of these objecti…

Sleeping, C-PAP Machines, and Pills


This blog is normally filled with political nonsense. . . but today I want to discuss something else that bothers me. For over 30 years I've been a restless sleeper. I twist and turn and snore most of the night, but despite the acrobatics I manage to get some rest.

When I retired a couple of years ago my sleeping problem got worse.  The restlessness and snoring increased, and sleep apnea began. For the last few years I've been treated by several physicians, each of whom tried a number of treatments and medications to fix my problem. Nothing seemed to work and the process was frustrating.
Since I was a small kid I have been restless, agitated, and worried most of the time, but only after I retired did I also become depressed. Our family doctor prescribed a few of the popular serotonin adjusters (Efexor, Wellbutrin), and a morphine related pill (Xanax) to help me get to sleep. None of these was of any measurable help and I was eventually referred to a "sleep do…

Oil, Disaster, Blame and Obama Politics

I've been watching the unbelievable spout of oil issuing from the British Petroleum deep water wellhead, and I've listened to our unbelievably incompetent government officials as they attempt to deal with it. Their handling of Katrina was bad enough, but this is disgraceful to say the least.
British Petroleum. Their executives agree they area responsible for a major part of the disaster and agreed to put a cork in it and then pay for the damage. Meanwhile, they have undertaken the tremendous effort necessary to address the disaster.  BP has, at least so far, acted in good faith. Yet all efforts to stop the gusher have failed.

Clearly, no one at British Petroleum (or any other major oil company) knows how to shut down the well and recover the bulk of the oil discharge already polluting the ocean.

This deep water spill is, apparently, a new experience and BP was not prepared for it. The 5,200 foot depth of sea bed is extraordinary. No oil company that has operated at this depth ha…