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S.S-Medicare-Medicaid / Bankrupt

. The majority of Americans are disappointed in our government.

We have AT LEAST three major entitlement programs that are not sustainable. Our elected officials know it . . . .  but do nothing to prevent the eventual collapse of each one. This caliber of legislative stewardship is unforgiveable. The steady increasing cost of non-funded entitlements is a disaster for the American economy. The results are NOW apparent for all to see. Are you sure you want to re-elect these incompetant legislators? They not only refuse to make fiscal responsibility a prime priority, but they continue to add millions and billions to the borrowed debt we already owe.


Religion / Taxes / Politics

. When our government was designed the founders took special care to protect the freedom of religion by explicitly recommending a separation of church and state. Over the years it has been misinterpreted as forbidding the churches intrusion in governmental affairs. More recently a careful examination of the early references to the separation of church and state have yielded a very different interpretation.

The founders original intent was to prevent the state from intrusion in governmental affairs. The exact opposite of the previous conclusion. If the more recent interpretation is correct, it follows that the federal, state and local governments are required to not interfere in the affairs of any church.
Okay, what constitutes a church?  How is it recognized? Who determines that a group is a church or simply a group? These questions may illustrate be the first conflicts between church and state. Right off we must recognise that churches are people, not buildings. To be a church they mus…

Colin Powell - Liberal Democrat

. A recent Meet The Press episode featured COLIN POWELL as the guest. He usually choses to be a quiet political critic on the sidelines, but his recent seminars on leadership and several public comments on the political matters, he seems to be trying to resurrect what was once a promising political career. As I listened it dawned on me that Mr. Powell is a careful, cautious, and opinionated liberal spokesman, and a good one.  He once registered as a Republican but seemed to be a fish in the wrong tank. Sure enough,in 2008 he supported  Mr. Obama, the Democraticcandidate. I first thought the switch may have been for the wrong reasons, but it proved to be not so. It was in perfect harmony with his newly found liberal persuasion.  
As a Conservative, I usually disagree with Mr. Powell,but he does articulate liberal positions well and I do respect his proven abilities.  I am certainly tired of hearing the current crop of Democratic Party leaders spouting nonsense.
Partisan politics is a mes…

Legislation Is Messy

. The Democrats are in trouble. Obama's ultra radical agenda has been soundly rejected. The party is losing seats in Congress and soon the Democrat majority will be gone. I was thinking that perhaps government would be more effective if Congress and the Presidency were held by different political parties. That led to my thinking about the process we use in government to control what we have, and to forge ahead. The process is what we call legislation . . .  and it involves compromises, corruption, and re-elections. Whoa! Could it be that the reason it is so difficult to get things done by the governement is that it is a faulty, inefficient, and cumbersome way to steer America's progress?
Think about the nuts and bolts of how our government's business is conducted. You couldn't run a local Kiwanis Club the way our legislators run the nation's business. Let's discuss an exagerated example:
Each political party has a set of established traditional principles and valu…

The Administration's Israeli Follies

. Quickest history review ever. Many scholars believe World War II was the highpoint of our American nation. They believe that was our apogee . . . and we shall rise no more. In their eyes World War II demanded the rapid industrialization that enabled us to rule the world for a little while . . . . and it's been all down hill since.
I choose to look at America just a mite differently. Despite Ronald Reagan's famous vision, I don't see it as a shining city on a hill.  I see America as an EXPERIMENT yet to be proven. Rregardless of our means of land acquisiton, we now have distinct borders surrounding us. Our politicians are pledged to protect and preserve  our property and citizens within  the borders. Since 1776, with just a few exceptions, they have succeeded.
The Civil War was not the first,  but it was perhaps the most challenging early conflict.
50 years afterword, America joined it's friendly European relatives to wage World War I.  Another a costly enterprise not …

Islamic Prelude Ignored

. There has been Islamic Terror in the world for centuries.

In recent years Muslim terrorists have ramped up their push toward worldwide Islamic domination. They attack our weaknesses with their brutal and medieval way of war. The result is not one nation against another,  but one TERRORIST [with no regard for human life] against every INFIDEL. Tracking their most recent acts of terrorism clearly justifies  our war in Afghanistan and our pre-emptive strike against Iraq. We must not forget the events that have led to WORLD WAR IV. 

Date            Event                        Killed        President     Response
 --- 1979        American Embassy          0            Carter         None 

Apr 1983         American Embassy         63           Reagan        None

Oct 1983          American Barracks       241           Reagan        None
                       Beirut Airport

Dec 1983         American Embassy           ?           Reagan      …

Obama's Unbelievable Conceit

. Today President Obama passed the point of no return. He is determined to push unpopular left wing programs that have been rejected by voters of both parties. His protests are a pathetic broken record that few people listen to anymore. Mr. Obama enjoys the Democratic majority in Congress and could have passed any legislation he wanted to, including the Health Care bill. Instead, by SECRETLY crafting the huge health legislation  and presenting it as a done deal, he killed it himself. Of course, he blames the [say-no] Republicans for not approving it before reading it. Then he acts surprised that he doesn't get any bi-partisan support. Just how stupid is he anyway? 

President Obama wants to get at least token Republican support for his controversial left wing progressive politics. He wants to share the blame if his plans fail, and they WILL fail. He uses the bully-pulpit to make continuous partisan attacks on Republicans, and then wonders why they are so firmly NOT in his pocket. He …

Security Stupid

. Has anyone sat down and thought about air travel security? America is under attack. Airplanes can be used as potential bombs. One mad bomber person can ruin the day. We all understand that. Why are we doing such idiotic things to make flights safer? Why indeed do we not do something smart? Think about it.
A shoe bomber gets caught. Our reaction: Everybody take off your shoes for inspection. All millions and millions of air travellers.
A few deranged terrorists use box cutters to intimidate passengers and gain control of their aircraft. Our reaction: Ban box cutters, knives, fingernail clippers and all other small sharp instruments. Millions and millions of air travellers now have to empty their pockets and walk through a metal detector.
Another brainwashed Muslim idiot sewed explosive powders into his undertwear and boarded an aircraft. It wasn't in his shoes. It wasn't metal so was't detected in the metal detector. It was discovered (too late) on board and in flight when th…

Patience Is Over and George is Gone

. George Bush made way too many mistakes during his administration. The first four years were considerably better than the last four however, when he somehow coasted away from his conservative Republican tendencies. On a scale of A to F, he and his administation deserves certainly no better than a C- or D+ . . . . BUT COMPARED TO MR. OBAMA AND HIS ADMINISTRATION  Bush looks pretty good.

George Bush didn't need a teleprompter to get through a press conference.

George Bush didn't burn 9000 gallons of jet fuel to go plant a single EARTH DAY tree.

George Bush didn't reduce retirement holdings in GM by 90% and then give UNIONS a majority holding of GM stock.

George Bush didn't appoint cabinet officers and a staff of advisors who somehow consistantly failed to pay their income taxes.

The Bush and Obama administrations have agreed to using nearly 13 TRILLION DOLLARS for loands and bailouts.

George Bush didn't order the firing of the CEO of a major corporation KNOWING THAT HE HAD…