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Evaluating Mental Issues

A person has to be a little bit crazy to think about minor daily events all the time. I believe that is  defined as excessive introspection? If someone like this, myself for example, has unrecognizable experiences and tries to detail them for a blog he must truly be "round the bend". Regardless, I'm going to give it a go.

By definition, schizophrenia is one significant the causes of impairment in the mind as it attempts to process information and sensitivity to environmental stimulus. People so diagnosed typically do not respond well to threats or to what they perceive as confusing commands. They also tend to respond badly to complex chains of information that is confusing or out of order.

Sadly, in addition to the gathering storm of mental conflict driven by advancing dementia, I apparently am beginning to experience the hint of schizophrenia in my normal day. This is mildly disturbing to me, and it probably should not. There seems to be little or no advancing or increa…