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Nixon Perhaps Not A Bad President

Idle thoughts.  
      After reading and reading again about the Watergate mess, I've revised my memory. Is that possible? I think now that Mr. Nixon was over-killed. In a way, he was the victim of his advisers - and the nation's judicial system. With time passing the scenario is changing from the one our media presented at the time. Nixon, a strong, driven, and opinionated man, was also intelligent, experienced, and in many respects, a capable politician. He recognized the danger of the rapid spreading of communism at the time. It was influenced after World War II by Stalin of Russia who represented a danger to the future of the United States. Nixon had diplomatic skills and the vision to judge future world developments. There is no question that He viewed Communism as a current and future threat in the dynamic of nations. The American political left (Liberal Progressives) hated him for his opposition.        If I understand correctly, Nixon was not accused of ordering the bre…

Outrageous Politics

My monthly book club just adjourned. As usual there was not a consensus about the book reviewed. Instead, the conversation wandered from immigration to President Obama to Mr. Trump. The discussion invaded and overwhelmed the latter half of our meeting. Obama was praised for his many good contributions , and particularly the 17 million newly insured. With one or two exceptions, the club members favor the Liberal/Progressive agenda. I am the only Conservative voice. No one else at the table seems wants to discuss the consequences or side-effects of that agenda. Nearly all of the club members do not  consider the  consequences to be a problem. 

Within the blink of an eye our current leader became an arrogant, ego driven zealot determined to advance his private agenda no matter what. How this characteristic was overlooked before his first election will someday be the subject of countless history books. Even after his personality problems were learned, he was elected again. He was actually …

Control Barriers And Privacy Issues

Controlling computers is necessary for successful operation. It has also become a frustrating requirement.  Why? It's become necessary to safeguard the information  a person inputs - or suffer the danger of losing it to computer thieves (or hackers).  I've don't know an explanation for the term "hacker", but it's used  to describe a person with the ability to invade another somebody elses  computer. The computer industry reaction has been to erect barriers to prevent information thievery. To do this it is necessary to make several changes. 
Now there are: 
number codes, passwords, and PIN numbers, fictional and non-fictional identification words (or numbers), user names, e-mail numbers and ip addresses, and more that I'm not familiar with.  These are used to protect even the simplest programs. For a while all of these "barriers" were stored in a persons memory. This eventually strained a normal person's memory - and coded programs and clever l…

Guns & Radical Muslims

San Bernardino has had a recent  Islamic Terrorist attack. 14 innocent adults and children were murdered by a Muslim couple living in a nearby suburban condominium with their infant daughter. No one suspected a link to terror - though the husband was a member of a nearby (peaceful) Muslim mosque.  By all reports the husband was a friendly person. He seems to have put up a good front but actually he was a terrorist, radicalized a few years ago in the middle east. There is less known about his wife who apparently was purchased (?) in the middle east and then radicalized more than two years ago. Then she came to America. These two deranged individuals left their baby with Grandma (who lives not far away in San Bernardino), then loaded their car (SUV) with explosives, guns, and bombs, and set out to kill people.  Specifically, people where he worked. They told Grandma that they were going shopping.
They went from Grandma's to a local rent-a-car agency and obtained an SUV. Then they ret…

Our Climate Is Warming ?

It's December and cold days have returned and make an appropriate counterpoint to the Climate Change Conference being held in Europe. Most nations have representatives at the conference who, in turn, are advised experts on the subject. Interestingly, they are all  avoiding a few specific facts in order to promote the urgency of Climate Change. 

1.   Why do they so carefully avoid saying that there is no consensus that anything unusual is happening?

2.   Many meteorologists (and other scientists) believe our planet may not be warming (or cooling) any faster than it has during it's entire known history.  

3.    Human beings, with their industries and synthetic chemicals probably influence our climate to some degree but most informed people question the amount. 

4.    Antarctica is getting cooler, not warmer. 

5.    Western Antarctica ice  is melting - but is offset by the cooling of ice on the Eastern side. 
6.    Melting sea ice doesn't raise the water level of the ocean. The ic…