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Looking Down The Road

Getting old has advantages, not many of course, but a few. We all know that perspective changes with age, and old guys see through a different lens. Today, North Korea announced they are going to war with South Korea. Big deal - but there were no behind-the-hand snickers. Dear Leader has run a vicious government in North Korea for many years and his track record is ;ousy. Dear Leader makes IdiAmin look like a choir-boy.
The citizens of North Korea are enslaved by their circumstances. They are controlled by a Communist regime that has failed to benefit anyone except North Korean eliltes and corrupt officials. Everyone else suffers.
The country has not yet begun to industrialize. They have been held down by their government for decades.  North Korea remains an impoverished rural society with few natural resources. Their abusive government rules by fear and force.

Several years ago they purchased atomic technology from India/Pakistan, and used it to manufacture at least one atomic bomb. (P…


You can't educate a boy overnight; it takes years. What Diggie learned in school didn't add much to his education. He was largely "self taught".  In Diggie's his case 70 years have gone by since he was a boy in school, looking at airplanes through the window. He never was the brightest penny anyway. Now you wouldn't recognise him,  overweight, with wrinkles and grey hair. But he was Diggie a long time ago. Picture a little boy, five years old, standing in the middle of a graded dirt country road in his striped engineer work clothes and bare feet. His hair was red and his skin was freckled. He was learning to be a farmer.
Today, Diggie has been happily married to "she who is always correct" over 50 years. Their children, two girls, are now middle aged and off on their own and Diggie has retired. Where'd the time go. 
When he got out of the Air force in 1958 he began working as a salesman, then sales manager, then  minor …