Friday, August 4, 2017

Intellectual / Incompetent / Liberal

Intellectual Incompetent Liberal

I think we've all known for some time that there are serious problems with the political system that governs our lives. The government and our media have been telling us that we continue to lead the world in just about everything you might think of. Unfortunately, it's not true. We've been steadily losing our leadership and have lost our superiority. Measuring our status against other nations is difficult. It entails comparisons of wildly differing attributes and behind the propaganda we know that America is no longer dominant among the world communities. Our established political elites have protected themselves. They have turned their backs to common sense and the concept of serving the citizenry. They have  turned their backs to the Constitution that was so carefully crafted and established by our Founding Fathers. 

For many decades following the 1929 Economic Depression, we have absolutely enriched foreign industries at the expense of our own. We have subsidized foreign military  organizations while allowing the sad depletion of our own. We've defended other nations borders while refusing to defend our own. We've spent trillions of dollars to rebuild and subsidize unworthy governments while leaving our own infrastructure to fall into disrepair. While all of this may have been the correct thing to do at a specific time, we've forgotten to curb it to a stop when it was no longer appropriate. We've made other countries wealthy beyond measure while confidence in our own country's wealth slowly disappeared. None of this would have happened if our leaders were not intellectually incompetent.

Our nation has always been divided. It was designed to be divided. Most questions have pro and con answers, and that is why we have a Liberal Democratic Left and a more Conservative Republican Right. Over the years there have been substantial differences between America's political parties, but today's ideological divide is more intense than it has been perhaps since the Civil War. The Liberal Left sees America as essentially a racist, xenophobic, colonialist, imperialist, war mongering, money worshiping, moronically religious nation. The Liberal Left sees the American identity as an anti-black, anti-Muslim, and anti-Hispanic. They label and dismiss all dissenting opinions as "hate speech". 

This "world-view" is the inevitable result of a consistant "Liberal Left" indoctrination beginning in elementary schools and continuing through high schools and universities. Children learn the wars we have fought were imperialist and immoral, that free market economics is a system of oppression, that the problems facing African-Americans are entirely caused by racist white people. These lessons began in the schools and have now also taken over the news media and the entertainment industry. It is now a pervasive part of our culture.

And it is wrong.

Yet nearly all people who are proud of America and affirm it's basic tenets, readily send their children to schools that indoctrinate them against everything their parents hold precious.

It is a fact that Democrats (members of the Democratic Party) have in recent years shifted heavily to the "Left Liberal" political and social arena, while the Republicans (members of the Republican Party) have moved (slightly) toward the "Right Conservative" side. Interestingly, most members of both parties consider themselves to be in the "middle". In other words, most Americans believe some issues are better solved by Liberal means, and some are best solved by the more traditional Conservative means, but the overall view is "centerist".

Why is it then, that the Left Liberal worldview has declared itself the one and only answer to any question? Why do the vast majority of Americans allow the hyper Left Liberals to focus on branding all Republicans as racist, keeping Americans dependent on big government, and providing federal welfare and labor protections to illegal aliens.

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