Sunday, February 19, 2017

Donald (I am not a clown) Trump

I'm eighty years old. Several Presidents have come and gone. Some good. Some not so good.come and go. A few were excellent executives and a few were not. 

Now, out of the blue, comes Donald Trump. The Democrats cheer and the Republicans go back ask themselves 'what just happened'? 

The Democrats watch their candidate turn to dust. Dishonesty and corruption laid her to rest. Bye bye Hillary.

America has endured eight long years of the radical, liberal and  progressive politicians. Our sleepy nation finally agreed that they were attempting to destroy America. Our character, traditions, Constitutional government and international stature were sliding faster and faster toward big government socialism. The foundation of our freedoms that we worked so hard to establish were being undermined before our eyes. 

Our recent President Obama gave us eight years of faulty direction. He trashed the government with misguided appointments that steered America onto the ultra-liberal shoals.

Trump wins the election. Hillary and the Democrats lose big time. Now Republicans control the government and the American political scene can now become the beacon for the world again.

Terrorism in America. Caused by radical Islamic terrorists. Sponsored by radical Islamic potentates that have no regard for humanity. Including their own. Trump says he will stop them in America. He will close the borders to the unwanted terrorists. He will enforce our existing immigration laws. He will build a wall between Mexico and the United States to help slow the overwhelming flow of immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America and the increasing number of Islamic terrorists trying to enter that way. Then Mr. Trump will determine a fair way to restrict the flow of legitimate immigrants and improve the security vetting of all immigrants.

These measures have turned the ultra liberal Democrats and the surprisingly dense and intolerant educators and entertainment celebrities - - - into anti-American bigots. They protest and riot in the streets. 

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