Friday, October 30, 2009

Third Party Time

Republicans have blown it big time. They have spit on their loyal Conservative members for the last time. Most Conservatives are not only dissatisfied but disgusted. Republicans have become every bit as corrupt as the Democrats. They have become amazingly stupid. Why? Greed? Fear of re-election? An electorate that just doesn't care enough to vote responsibly? All of the above.

Liberal Democrats have discovered they can beat the Republicans with their hands down. All they have to do it promise more money to voters. They treat public money (your tax dollars) as inexhaustible. Need more money? Just raise taxes and print more. At this moment the President and his minions are racing to empty the treasury. Can this be a good thing for America? 

Entitlements are killing us. Why do the liberals find this so hard to understand? As individuals, we have all  (unfortunately) learned to spend more than we earn. It has become a normal way of life in middle class and wealthy homes, and has led directly to an ever increasing number of divorces, a growing suicide rate, and a rising number of bankruptcies. Our national government has been borrowing ahead for decades, and led us to insolvency on a grand scale.

Yes, we are so broke it is impossible to remedy by increasing taxes alone. We must also turn on the presses and print more paper money. Again, can this be a good thing? When the paper money supply increases the value of money already in use decreases. For some reason many folks seem to think this fact will not affect them. Believe me it will. It will reduce the value of any money you have in the bank or invested elsewhere. If it happen too fast - it can cause a disaster. 

Conservatives know better. They know that the Founding Fathers were very much afraid this could happen. In fact they warned us that we (citizens) would have to be exemplary stewards to prevent it. Honest government requires honest public servants.  Today there are too many that are not honest.

The Founding Fathers believed that we are better served in public office by citizens who are returned to private life before becoming professional politicians. They generally thought that term limits should apply to every elected official. Well, maybe not every one, but most.

The traditional values of the Founding Fathers were based upon biblical teachings and historical precedents. Recently it has become popular to throw such societal tools under the bus and proceed with what feels good. This kind of  feel good approach is leading our nation over the cliff. When will our government realize that there is a right and wrong  involved in their work, and it has very little to do with feeling good or not feeling good.  

Conservatives, at least the committed ones,  say they want to make the right decisions.  Maybe this would be a good time to construct a Conservative Pledge for candidates to read and sign in order to qualify for an individuals vote. Hmmm. I think that will be my next blog effort.


Rain said...

What I think is ironic is how differently people see what is going on in the country now and during the Bush years. It's like we all read the same news, know the same things and yet our interpretation of it is almost diametrically opposed. How can that be? Is it a product of the freedom we have?

Under the question of entitlements, then would you end Social Security and Medicare or Medicaid? They are the biggest ones. How about the Veteran health programs which we have promised our veterans for their lifetimes-- the kind that means my brother (a mechanic who has always been self-employed and rarely made that much money), who had no insurance otherwise, will continue to live into his old age because of the excellent care he received as a vet?

I am guessing you are more concerned about feeding the poor or welfare but most welfare programs now have work conditions attched to them except for the disabled. My niece was in one of those who received training and now has a job because of it. What exactly is the entitlement you worry about?

See for me I worried more about the invasions into the Bill of Rights done by the last administration which took away rights from all of us whatever the power in control might decide. I have yet to see that power given back but I am not surprised. I said at the time when you give up power, you have a hard time retrieving it and it was taken supposedly to make us safe. So we traded freedoms for safety and now it suddenly worries Republicans?

I share your concern about the current Congress, about how the lobbying interests are dictating what happens but who wants to block real reform-- people like Rush Limbaugh who say it's part of freedom of speech to let the richest among us bribe our legislators-- of both parties.

The Grey Geezer . . . . . . . said...

Hi Rain . . . Let me say a word or two about each of your paragraphs. (1) Yes, we see our political issues differently and I think it is good that we do. Vigorous debate helps center our tendency toward extremes. (2) When I said "entitlements are killing us" I meant to include Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. These programs were each designed to fail, and they have. Each is broke because our government promised more and more to get votes, with the full knowledge that there would someday be more people to benefit and fewer to pay the bill. Each of these programs has to be revised to provide entitlement benefits that are fiscally responsible. Governments should legislate only those political promises that they have a responsible plan to pay for. Rain, I am NOT against proper legislated entitlements or honest welfare. We OWE veterans. Period. (3) No American should be homeless on city streets, and all people living or visiting in the United States should have some level of medical care available to them. (4)I think it is ridiculous to blame Bush and his administration for the condition of the world. Granted he made mistakes. So did Clinton. So did his Father. So did Kennedy. So did Nixon. Ad infinitum. (5) The current Congress, Republicans and Democrats, are in general, absolutely clueless. I have become thoroughly disenchanted with all of these greedy, me first, criminals. Something terrible is happening to our culture. Our entire society has become corrupt, and those that represent us are leading the way. I don't happen to like Rush Limbaugh. He's too arrogant for me - and there are many, many more Conservative leaning honest men out there speaking against the direction Mr. Obama is leading us all. According to Gallop, 40% to 45% of American voters favor the Conservative agenda. Far fewer believe he is doing the right things, and slightly more say they haven't an opinion. It is indeed a scary world we live in. Lastly, I think our Congressmen and Senators should visit their own constituents and listen, pay attention to reliable internet news sources and get RID OF THE LOBBIESTS. Outlaw them. Fire them. Ban them to Siberia. What ever is necessary. Then apply term limits to those in power. And then . . .


Rain said...

Social Security is only in trouble because the 'trust' the federal government promised, when they raised the taxes to support it, was broken. There is no trust fund but if there was, if that money had been invested, there'd be no concern right now about paying a fair rate to seniors who are retired.

The other thing is they (Conservatives as much or more than Liberals) maneuvered to keep the cost of living not being accurate to keep down wages and SS increases; which means today it's becoming more and more meaningless even though many oldsters depend on it for their lives.

What the government did by using that money and not paying it back is no less than theft; so don't blame SS for it. We need to have that and it's actually pulled us out of many recessions with seniors being the only ones with money to spend. Kay had a good link on what the government has done to SS.

If we didn't have Medicare, only people like my husband would have health insurance as they aged. It's way too expensive for the average senior to buy it without a corporation behind it... and medicaid gives poor people a chance to not die from piddling illnesses simply because they have no money.