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Security Stupid

Has anyone sat down and thought about air travel security? America is under attack. Airplanes can be used as potential bombs. One mad bomber person can ruin the day. We all understand that. Why are we doing such idiotic things to make flights safer? Why indeed do we not do something smart? Think about it.

A shoe bomber gets caught. Our reaction: Everybody take off your shoes for inspection. All millions and millions of air travellers.

A few deranged terrorists use box cutters to intimidate passengers and gain control of their aircraft. Our reaction: Ban box cutters, knives, fingernail clippers and all other small sharp instruments. Millions and millions of air travellers now have to empty their pockets and walk through a metal detector.

Another brainwashed Muslim idiot sewed explosive powders into his undertwear and boarded an aircraft. It wasn't in his shoes. It wasn't metal so was't detected in the metal detector. It was discovered (too late) on board and in flight when the dufus was caught trying to light the fuse.

Now some bright guy has invented a fast action, full body  x-ray machine to be installed at every airport all over the world . . . . at 2.5 million dollars each. The thing is supposedly engineered to illuminate abnormalities in clothed or naked people. It might even show a very minor shading of an unusual mass of something extra in your underpants. Maybe.

Reading these detection machines is a skill not unllike reading a lie detector. It requires close attention, carefull and sophisticated interpretation. To find people to do the job our Homeland Security Flop hires minimum wage workers, trains them for 12 hours, gives them a uniform, and puts them to work. With some luck they will be right as often as wrong.

Now that we've hired all of these security people, purchased all of the metal detectors and full body x-ray machines, what do you suppose the enemy terrorists have been doing? If you don't know, I'll tell you. They have been figuring ways around our security system faster than we can install one. 

Doesn't anyone in our government understand that all of the security non-sense performed by airline customers before boarding an aircraft is worthless? Why does our Homeland Security Flop refuse to listen to experts that run the safest airline in the world? The Israeli's have been living under terrorist attacks for decades. They have systems proven to work. They are more than willing to share them with the entire world.

But Americans are sold on 200 person lines at the ticket counter, metal detectors, shoe inspectors, and full body x-rays. Who needs a security system that works?

Attention: The latest example of how to get around our stupid [punish every flyer] security systems is BREAST IMPLANTS. You heard me right. They have found that by implanting explosives in women's breasts they have a real winner. Whose going to check? What doctor is going to surgically take a look inside when, if it is an explosive, it might take his head off. What security supervisor is going to squeeze hard to determine whether or not what is squeezed is real, plastic, or boom!

Part of the El Al system involves intelligence interviews, backgorund checks, verification of identity, no-fly lists, racial profiling, terrorist profiling, and more. They generally don't make 80 year old ladies or 2 month old babies stand in line for 4 housr and then take off their shoes and underwear.

Homeland Security is unfortunately a joke. It's assignment of duties could have easily been discharged by the F.B.I. whose infrastructure was already in place within America. For assignment of the same type duties off-shore we had a C.I.A. already in place. These two established security agencies are not as politically sensitive to whatever current administration is in power, and in both cases it would not be necessary to appoint an entirely new infrastructure of pork barrel bureaucrats. 



Anonymous said…
Last Tuesday, Directors of the CIA, FBI and National Intelligence declared that an attack by Al Qaeda in the next 3 to 6 months “is certain!” Leon Panetta, CIA Director announced, “The biggest threat is not so much that we face an attack like 9/11. It is that Al Qaeda is adapting its methods in ways that oftentimes make it difficult to detect.”
Panetta’s statement does not take into account the ability to identify any terrorist whose goal it is to give up their life for a cause. Only when you are observing measurable emerging aggression can you identify a terrorist before they effect their violence.

The Center for Aggression Management discovered 15 years ago that there were two kinds of aggression: adrenaline-driven Primal Aggression and intent-driven Cognitive Aggression. The Primal Aggressor, in the extreme, is “red-faced and ready to explode,” the Cognitive Aggressor (the terrorist) is not. When a person, regardless of the culture, gender, education or position, rises to the level where their goal is to give up their life for a cause, their body looses animation and we see the “thousand-yard stare.” But it is more than this, the whole body and behavior looses animation and this is how we can identify them. The problem is that security and law enforcement are still looking for the Primal Aggressor (red-faced and ready to explode). Of course they are finding it difficult to detect these terrorist; a terrorist is a Cognitive Aggression; they are looking for the wrong person!
You can
Bumps Stump said…
John Brynes . . . Welcome, and thank you. Your comments are instructive and appreciated. Psychology has never been my strong suit. Obviously it is yours. My concern for a number of years involves how and why a terrorist becomes a terrorist. In my uneducated fashion I have tried to follow the careers of several individual terrorists and I have discovered several common links. In recent years almost all terrorism has some connection to the religion of Islam, so that's where I started my inquiry. Muslim families, whether poor or comparatively wealthy, are able through the modern media to grasp how the more civilized, industrialized, and educated people in the world live. Mom and Dad Muslim struggle for the basics. Food, water, clothing, housing, and medicines. They understand from the media that they have nothing compared to people in the western world. Envy is automatic. Jealousy follows. Their religion rubs salt in their wounds. It would not be normal for them to sit quietly on their hands and not desire all of the abundance available to so many others. The gap between rich and poor is huge. Why would that make them happy campers. As their children grow in a household of discontented parents and perhaps siblings, all they hear is how terrible the wealthy are because they don't share their prosperity. Little Johnny and Mary Muslim are sent off to religious school where the adult teacher further inflames their sense of illogical deprivation. By the time Johnny and Mary are teenagers they are understandably hostile toward richer nations. By this time they are also thoroughly indoctrinated with cherry picked verses of the Qu'ran that support their hatred and accuse others for their misery. A few in their classes are suseptably to terrorist training with a vision of earning a better life in paradise as their reward for punishing any and all non-believers. They arrive at this stage fully convinced that the more non-believers they murder the faster they will get to paradise.

The typical terrorist is born. He or she is usually a teen ager when they reach this point, and they remain a terrorist or terrorist supporter for the rest of their lives. Some go on to higher levels of education, some rise as entreprenuers in business, some stay in education and teach others to become terrorists, and some walk into a room crowded with innocent men, women, children, aged, young and babies . . . and blow themselves up trying to murder them all.

You have determined that these Muslim terrorists can be categorized as COGNITIVE AGGRESSORS. I've not heard the term before but it surely sound like it fits perfectly.

(1) The question for our security people is;
how can we identify and then separate these terrorists from a crowd?

(2) The next logical question is; how to we interfere with the terrorist developmnet process?

(3) And then; how do we cull these bad people out of the Islamic community and either rehabilitate or punish them?

I don't have the answers, only the questions. What bothers me is that I don't hear about others working in these areas. Also that we Americans in particular have let 'political correctness' govern over common sense in this area. Finally, that in typical American fashion, we have Homeland Security bureaucracy that, with full government support, thinks we can solve this societaly problem by throwing money at it.

John, thanks again for your input.

Ingineer66 said…
Since TSA is a Federal employee organization we are going to get all the efficiency and competence of the VA or the US Forest Service. I experienced this last Friday when two screeners, one a very aggressive and masculine female and one lazy looking male got into an argument over whether my wife needed to remove her sweatshirt or not before going through the metal detector.

I wish we could put some logic into how we react to national threats, but unfortunately we do not.

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