Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Looking Down The Road

Getting old has advantages, not many of course, but a few. We all know that perspective changes with age, and old guys see through a different lens. Today, North Korea announced they are going to war with South Korea. Big deal - but there were no behind-the-hand snickers. Dear Leader has run a vicious government in North Korea for many years and his track record is ;ousy. Dear Leader makes Idi Amin look like a choir-boy.

The citizens of North Korea are enslaved by their circumstances. They are controlled by a Communist regime that has failed to benefit anyone except North Korean eliltes and corrupt officials. Everyone else suffers.

The country has not yet begun to industrialize. They have been held down by their government for decades.  North Korea remains an impoverished rural society with few natural resources. Their abusive government rules by fear and force.

Several years ago they purchased atomic technology from India/Pakistan, and used it to manufacture at least one atomic bomb. (Perhaps many.) Dear Leader,  also purchased a few bomb delivery vehicles. With this technology on tap, Dear Leader apparently feels invincible.  His raving, omnipotenet rhetoric tends to be dismissed because it is so unrealistic, and rather stupid. Yet he threatens his neighbors with nuclear annihilation constantly. Dear Leader is a dangerous and demented crack-pot.

In contrast, South Korea has blossomed since the Korean war back in the 1950's. They have begun their industrialization and their government has obviously  provided a more logical path to the their future. America has maintained a 30,000 man military force there to prevent North Korea from stepping over the 38th Parallel and into South Korea. It is but a token force, but perhaps a very important token force. Should North Korea attack South Korea they must also attack both military presence. This would be no small move. They would also have to attack the multitude of  American investments in South Korea. In other words, it would be hard for America NOT to help defend South Korea.

For over 50 years the tension between North and South has been a game of "chicken". So far it has been Dear Leader that has backed down. But who knows, he many not back down this time.

The living conditions, unhappiness and desperation of the North Korean people may threaten Dear Leader's Communist regime - if he doesn't do SOMETHING to improve their lives. He may see WAR as his only way to survive.
China can't be to happy to see Dear Leader flexing his atomic muscles. THAT is perhaps our salvation because China has the ability to smother Dear Leader without a trace. China knows that should North Korea start a nuclear war, America might decide that Japan should finally re-arm itself. China would absolutely not appreciate two atomic bombs in their neighborhood.

More as it develops.


Greybeard said...

Are you hinting that you're glad you are older because this is beginning to look serious and we "older folk" have had a chance to live good lives, while younger folks are SO screwed?
(I may be taking a step too far there, but that's the "vibe" I got when I started reading this post.)
Well, our generation HAS made a mess of it.
And your hints in previous posts about how we screwed up the Viet Nam war indicate we've been on the wrong path for a while...
Maybe even since the Korean conflict.

We don't have the fortitude to finish what we start, and our enemies have learned that well. They know that all they have to do is bloody our nose long enough, often enough, and we'll tire and wave the white flag.
Unless we grow a backbone, our country... our lives... are lookin' at "Change" like we cannot imagine.
Where is Rain when we need her to explain how this is all BUSH's fault and how it's wonderul that Bozama is in command?

Ingineer66 said...

I have confidence that the generation that is 15 to 25 right now will realize some of the folly of their ancestors and will pull America out of the funk that we are heading into. I know plenty of slackers in this legalized marijuana generation, but I also know many kids that are stepping up to make or keep America great.