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Mark Turner Notes

I started writing about Mark Turner a few weeks ago. I attempted to sort out Mark's complicated problems but had incomplete information. I have since erased my attempt.

Mark's past used car business needs to be examined by a court appointed accountant. The Trial Judge and Prosecutor did not have the background to make a decision in Mark's case. They accused hims of money laundering and, he was found guilty, and they wrongly sentenced him and denied him an appeal.

Florida has it's own laws and rules, but regardless, Mark's case was not handled correctly.  He should be granted a re-trial. 

Three things stand out:

1. Mark Turner has been wrongly sentenced
    to 3 terms of 12.5 years each in prison.

2. He (Mark) brought a $36,000,000 civil lawsuit
    against Pete Moore in 2002 and it is still pending.

3. Pete Moore is a very slippery fellow.


Maggie Thornton said…
Bump, the $205,000 was acknowledged by the court via Moore's attorney. I have found any evidence that Moore was involved in selling cars in Mexico, and I have no idea whether or not that would be legal. It isn't a part of Mark Turner's case.

The Mexico/Cab Tice connection goes to the murders of Bud Billings and his wife - according to the alleged murderer, Patrick Gonzalez. Mark was not involved in this and no one has indicated that he was involved in sales to Mexico at all.
Anonymous said…
I would pay someone $205,000 if that is all that stood in front of my civil suit moving forward for $36 Million!
Anonymous said…
You ask in #7 "Mark paid $205,000 Does that make sense to anyone?"

Mark had a civil suit going against Moore. Mark questioned the amount with Rick Hamilton. Rick told him to just pay it and it would get sorted out later. Moore's lawyer felt that was what Mark owed Pete. Having a 20 year friendship and business relationship with Rick he trusted him. Mark's lawyer told him to pay it and it would all be sorted out later. Mark took their advice and paid it to show he was not trying to cheat anyone and felt it would be sorted out when everything went to trial. It was never sorted out during the trial because Moore never told anyone he got that check of $205,000. It wasn't until the restitution hearing that Mark demanded the court to prove what he owed that it was discovered he'd over paid Pete. Mark's criminal lawyers didn't think Mark was entitled to a hearing on restitution. It took his sister-in-law an attorney from NYC to show them Florida law that he was. Mark NEVER got a fair trial and was railroaded throughout this whole ordeal along with his whole family. They have suffered tremendously at the hands of these evil people in power!
Bumps Stump said…
Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous . . . Okay. Okay. Okay. I am convinced that Mark got a bad deal. I will re-open my effort to figure it all out. You may want to look at my answer in the comments on my post #1.


Anonymous said…
I would like to inform you of one fact that is not on Mark's website as I recall. I sat in court and watched this trial. I watched as Nancy Turner, Mark's wife sat outside the courtroom for days waiting to be called in as a witness. She was never called! This was a ploy by the DA to keep her out of the courtroom so she could not be seen supporting her husband to the jury. Mark's mother was also a witness and after she was called to testify twice she was excused as a witness from court and she sat down in the courtroom by her daughter. All of a sudden the DA saw her sitting there in support of her son and asked that she be subject to a telephone recall after he had just told the judge she could be released. (See court transcript on this part) So she had to leave the courtroom and was never able to be in court to support her son other than her testimony. He NEVER recalled her either. This was a ploy to keep Mark's mother from supporting her son and to keep Mark's wife from supporting her husband and to keep Nancy from being able to work to support her family. I tell you these people are EVIL!

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