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Obamacare . . or. . What About The Debt?

Our national credit card is about to burst. Americans should put their house in order before attempting any social program the size of Obamacare. It's like we have a rogue elephant in the White house with a massive ego and no common sense. Perhaps we should make healthcare part of the national fabric. But not all at once. Implementation over perhaps twenty or more years would better ensure that each provision was discussed, debated, edited, and lawful - BEFORE enactment. That's not a stall. It's prudence.
The media is loaded with opinions about Obamacare but the 'for and against' people are insistent that each knows best. Most citizens are skeptical, but everyone, regardless of their pro or con opinion, are disappointed that our government has passed this legislation by using political misinformation. Even more important, In my circle of friends there isn't one person who believes Obamacare was properly investigated and debated before it was made a law. Not one.

Any private or national health care system can be expected to be expensive. Apparently Obamacare promises to be the most expensive of all. The British have their version of national healthcare. It has failed rather badly. The health care provided, compared to our pre-Obama private system, has never come remotely close to the quality, service and availability.  The French national health care system compares even more unfavorably.  Why are we trading our good private system for a less effective and more expensive national one?

The politically liberal Obamacare people often point to two specific aspects of the new national care system?  

The fundamental purpose of the Obamacare national health care system is to provide the same level of health care FOR LEGAL and for ILLEGAL residents, with or without PRE-EXISTING conditions. 

From one perspective it's a noble idea, from another it is badly flawed, and from yet another it is impossibly ambitious. 

To start with, granting any level of amnesty to illegal residents is extremely controversial. Since the American immigration system has been broken for so many years, the problem is now very complicated, difficult and huge.  There is probably no way  to  satisfy all parties. However, it is clear that most Americans do not believe American  taxpayers should pay for every criminal's medical care. 

So, let us repeat  a few concerns about Obamacare: 
  • Its provisions have not been debated. 
  • There is no national health care superior to America's private system. 
  • There is a serious question about who should pay for pre-existing conditions care.
  • Most favor a special federal (taxpayer paid) program to insure these citizens.
  • The philosophy of general taxation to provide Obamacare to criminals is faulty.
One more concern is the everyones lack of confidence that the federal government has the ability to manage Obamacare efficiently. 

Is there anything positive about Obamacare to acknowledge? Yes. There are elements that many or most Americans can agree on. Let's start with the most obvious: 
  • American society should insure some level of medical insurance for all CITIZENS.
  • American society should insure all pre-existing conditions.  
  • There should also be basic emergency care medical insurance for NON-CITIZENS 
  • All government politicians and employees should have exactly the same national medical insurance. (No Exceptions).


Pg.50/152 The bill will provide insurance to all non-U.S. residents even if they are here illegally.

Pg.58 & 59 The government will have access to an individuals bank account and the authority to make electronic fund transfers from theses accounts.

Pg. 65/164  The plan will be subsidized for all union members, union retirees, and community organizations similar to ACORN.

Pg.241 and 253  Doctors will all be paid the same regardless of specialty, and the government will set all doctor's fees.

Pg. 272  At age 76 when you most need it, you will not be eligible for cancer treatment.

Per Judge Kithil: It is specifically stated that this bill will not apply to members of Congress. 

Had enough?


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