Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Police Need Support

Have you noticed that biased media presentations just can't wait to whip the police before the facts are known? Isn't it time to support (sometimes aggressive) police efforts to control situations? In my extended, multi-cultured community, Los Angeles and Orange County, California, about half of the altercations between police and suspected criminals, are linked by racism. Sadly, it is often that a person of some minority involved with the police.  If there is any aggressive control action by the police - you can be sure there will be an  lawsuit quickly opened by the victim. 

The (accident/scandal/murder) media vultures can't wait to depict that the  police are guilty and the poor, disadvantaged minority member is the victim of prejudice. This isn't right, but bias has always been part of the media. They   too often use their power well before the facts are complete - and in just about every case, the media favors the victim first.

The cop on the beat says that just a little coercion doesn't always work. They must render suspects cooperative as quickly as possible and sometimes it requires significant persuasion. 

The police are outgunned and often unsupported by the public. They have to make immediate decisions every day, and they have to do so with concern over the threat they may be facing, the "political correctness, potential harm to innocents, and the effectiveness of their actions. It is not an easy thing to decide how they can control and capture a reluctant, non-cooperative, and potentially violent suspect - immediately.  

In days gone by, children were taught that policemen and police women were their friends. If they ever needed help they should go to them and explain their problem. They were assured they would receive whatever help they needed. Time and social stress has turned this tradition on it's head. Today, in some communities children are taught that the police are "the enemy". That they are all murdering, backstabbing pigs.  Members of the family grind on this attitude constantly and the result is not good. 

Way too many minority suspects, both guilty and innocent, are killed by the police simply because they refused to follow directions. They resisted the police rather than complying with the authority. 

It is rarely the same story with the white or minority community who are mentally limited, or have been physically abused, or are otherwise handicapped.  But it does happen.

Nobody should ever resist police direction.

Let's fix this.

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