Monday, November 16, 2009

Communist Engineering Is Alive & Well


I was  reading about one of France's bullet trains the other day. Don't those guys spend more time mashing grapes than engineering? The French government may be broke - but the trains run on time, and they are faster than the Bell X-1 Rocket Ship. 

Then I turned the page and saw the picture above. Wow! I could put my 2500 sq. ft. home inside this thing with ease. How did they put this aerial Titanic together.  Communism fell did it not?  If the Russians are in such a leadership turmoil, and the U.S.S.R. is coming apart at the seams (like we are told), then where do they get the talent and science and manpower skills to build a behemoth like this? Surely they must borrow from someone else? No sir. They tell me it's not so. This little kite is a home grown, one of a kind, flying monster built by Russians for Russians.

Next thing you know Iraq will be building Rolex watches and Cadillacs.

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