Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dithering While Troops Die

I really intended to keep quiet. I thought our President has gathered enough criticism on everything he has done, so why add to the pile. Why? Because our President doesn't listen to anyone and I am frustrated. 

We are fighting a war without declaring it a war, and without a uniformed enemy. The enemy is sprinkled indiscrimately around the world, with most of the serious troublemakers located in the middle east. These criminal murderers have no government, territory, bordered land, geographical separation, or uniforms. The only thing they, the terrorists, have in common is the Not-So-Peaceful Religion of Islam. There are no armies, naval power, air forces, or heavy land weapons. They have no leader, and in general terms they are not very bright.

The enemy is however, smarter than we are. They have forced us to fight the only kind of war they can generate. By resorting to terrorism as a weapon of war, they have negated 90% of our technologically superior military weaponry. We have spent Billions, nay, Trillions on useless firepower. The enemy fights a hidden, guerrilla type war with no bounds or conventions, while we fight the war by trying to match their tree to tree and cave to cave engagements, and  at the same time avoiding innocent victims, collateral damage, racial profiling, and declaring rigorous interrogation techniques to be illegal.

Despite the handicaps we place on our front line troopers, we could be the victors in this stupid, religion based war against desert arab terrorist nut cases. The key word is "could". There are a few things that guarantee we will lose. First, we began the (first) war in Iraq on OUR terms and we won it in a week or two. We declared victory, quit and got out.

Secondly, the blustering dictator Saddam Hussein continued to rattle the entire world with outrageous threats - and we responded by reopening the war. With all of the information we had, and the information available from our allies, it was the right thing to do. However, our President said our goals should be to topple Hussein, pull the teeth of his military power, and, MOST IMPORTANT, subdue the populace, rebuild the infrastructure, install and guide a democratic government that would be friendly to it's neighbors. Now that part of our goals was stupid. It was unreachable from the get-go. Someone should have advised President Bush that it would be impossible to reverse centuries of medieval, lawless, tribal rivalries. It would be impossible to stop the centuries old deadly and gruesome religious rivalry. As soon as Hussein and his government were permanently destroyed, America and it's allies should have pulled out leaving those people to fix their own house.

To be sure, a defeated Iraq would require humanitarian relief on a large scale. Food, fresh water and medicines. The cost of infrastructure rebuilding and establishment of a new government probably lead by a strong tribal leader, the Iraqis' can do that themselves. Money for the new governemt would come from the sale of their oil. End of story.

Afghanistan.  Our efforts to defeat the Taliban and al Qaida are pathetic. The entire guerrilla campaign against them will fail. Our precious troops are being wasted on a small number of terrorist criminals who, again, are making us fight their war and negating 90% of our advanced and superior weaponry. We can't win. If we were to kill every one of the current terrorists in that area of the world, their place will be immediately filled by the next generation of terrorists. Because of this they know they can beat us eventually.

Our fearless leader brought in his personal selection to be in charge of our troops in Afghanistan/Pakistan. The General & his advisors tell our fearless leader that the best chance of at least a temporary success would require thousands of additional troops.  The fearless leader replies that "he will think about it".   Instead of decisive leadership of a war that is costing American lives every day, Mr. Obama finds if more important to go on a holiday trip to Japan. More important to wine and dine Indian leaders. More important to have swell dinners flown in for the family.

This is garbage. Obama plays pick-up basketball while our troops get their guts shot. Even a military moron can see that there are two choices: either get out as quickly as possible, or get in with both feet and overwhelming power, destroy the present criminal organizations, and then get out. Obama is the key. He must pick one. NOW!

More later . . .

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