Saturday, November 21, 2009

An Extra Sad Funeral

Just returned from a funeral. Young girl named Lisa. First Syracuse College year. Eating disorder. Heart stopped. Found in her school apartment. Catholic service in Huntington Beach. Beautiful church. Fine soloist. Sanctuary filled. Mostly local high school mates. Priest very welcoming to all religions present.

Lisa's mom member of Fountain Valley Kiwanis Club where I was a member for many years and President three or four years ago. Didn't know Lisa's mom very well - but did know her to be a very nice person and anxious to help in our Fountain Valley community. Losing her bright and pretty daughter so young must be just terrible.

I looked at the dates. 1988 to 2009. 21 short years. Thinking about that left me a bit guilty. Is it natural to wonder why I have been granted so many years and she so few?

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