Friday, November 6, 2009

Fort Hood Shootings


It appears that Major Hassan was the only shooter. So far 13 are dead and about 31 have been wounded. Since most handguns don't shoot that many bullets without reloading, it seems logical that he may have had enough time between shots to stop and reload? No one rushed him. Apparently he opened a door to a room containing over 100 people, knelt near the threshold, and fired with a gun in each hand. Someone reported that he was a bit disheveled and that he shouted the standard Muslim "God is good. God is great" as he randomly shot 44 innocent people. Question: Terrorist or just crazy?

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Rain said...

To me, religious terrorist like the guy who recently killed the abortion doctor. It looks like he thought he was fighting a war against the US military. Too bad he didn't try moving back to from where his family had come and get a taste of whether he really liked that better than here. He used our system to get his doctor's degree and then didn't want to pay it back. Just a horrifying event that he could kill so many but they weren't armed and he knew they would not be :(