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Health Care Phooey

The furor over a national health care system is sad. Good people are on both sides of the arguement. If the present system is to be fixed to provide health care for everyone, it is the government that will have to manipulate the rules and regulations to make it possible. If the present system is to be trashed completely and replaced with a brand new government directed health care plan, it will also require the government to design new rules and regulations. Anyway you cut it, the government must be involved.

Some of us would like to reduce the impact of government, keep government as small as necessary to carry out existing responsibilities, and to return to honest and fiscally responsible representation. Those on this side of the arguement are usually in favor of fair but limited welfare programs and adequate military defenses.

The more liberal citizerns among us would like the government to be a large as necessary to expand the amount of government intrusion in free market capitalism. They disregard the positive impact of individual initiative in favor of  more welfare driven programs regardless of costs - and regardless of potential failure. They assure us that a strong military defense is no longer necessary, and by reducing the military we will realize enough money to enact their social driven agenda.

In the middle of all this turmoil (either way) there must be a reduction of our freedoms.

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Rain said…
What makes you trust insurance companies with your health care? As things stand, they are the ones dictating it and that doesn't make you worry but the government providing it as they do with Medicare, government employees, or the Veterans does? Do you hear all the stories from people who have not been able to buy insurance, been kicked off of it, or pay horrendously high premiums out of fear of the alternative? To buy insurance without a corporation behind you is to take a big chunk out of what many people make per month. But that's okay? To me if government doesn't get involved, this situation with insurance and medical costs is going to escalate to the point that only the richest, the poor or those employed by the government will be able to afford any of it. I have been lucky with coverage most of my life but I worry what will happen for my kids if this situation keeps growing worse :(

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