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Sarah Palin - Someday

When McCain chose her for his running mate I knew the Republicans were doomed. McCain had a long record of dubious politics and was not a strong candidtate to start with. Sarah Palin just didn't cut the mustard as a candidate for Vice President. Right from the start everyone knew she did not have the moxie to replace the elderly McCain should he have health problems.

To my surprise Sarah turned out to be something of a bright light in the Republican camp.  She stood out because no one else did. She spoke the Conservative story and saved McCain's candidacy from disaster. Despite all the negatives - they almost won! 

Sarah Palin spoke plainly and talked common sense, valued American traditions and promoted Conservative principles. She was demonized and hated from the get-go by the mean spirited liberal Democrat crowd, who got out their famous attack squad and zeroed in on Sarah Palin and her family with a vengence. The liberal media immediately fell into lock-step and biased reports so as to portray her as a despicable, clueless, inexperienced  airhead, and totaly worthless candidate. The overly vicious campaign was nasty and unfair.

The voters actually believed Mr. Obama's brilliant rhetoric and misdirected agenda. They have since discovered that they made a monumental error. They elected a brilliant but incompetent man to be President and he immediately began the dismantling of the historic American political system. Mr. Obama collected a staff and cabinet filled with like minded radical liberals anxious to destroy our national traditions and value systems. He moved aggressively to nationalize key industries and to initiate a plethora of unfunded welfare schemes.

Sarah Palin, despite being so hated by the radical liberals in America, apparently plans to be with us on the political stage in the future. I have seen her make no attempt to know and understand our foreign entanglements, diplomacy, or treaty obligations. I've not seen her attempt to study and understand our military power and it's proper use, and there has been no evidence that she understands the fundamentals of our economic system. Because she seems to lack these prerequisites, I still consider her "not qualified" to be President.

She seems bright and energetic and perhaps able to learn. She understands and promotes the overall Conservative agenda, and this alone will bring her cheering audiences. I think, at this stage of her political career, she would make an ideal cabinet secretary in a Conservative Republican administration. 

She has done nothing to warrant the terrible personal attacks by the competition.


Morte to come...


Rain said…
I would say more here about what I think about Palin but it's obvious you have a source you already trust more than anything I would say.

However, you ask why would liberals distrust her and I will give you one good reason everybody should. She is a pathological liar (clinical term that most likely fits her kind of lying). What that means is she lies about things that don't matter not just to protect herself which many people lie about (unfortunately especially politicians) but she lies when it serves no purpose. And the discrepancies are documented with transcripts and videotape (like asking her daughters if she should run for Vice President... or not asking them) but the right wing doesn't care. They want to see what they want to see and ignore anything that doesn't fit.

Discussing all her many lies gets nowhere as you will just call me a hater for bringing them up... You may get your wish with her as a candidate next time for president, and who knows with the right combination of ads, the flightiness of the middle, she might even win. I do not though think she cost McCain the election. He was gaining on Obama in the polls before he put her on the ticket. He barely vetted her, didn't know what he was getting, and then there was no going back from it. She might've wowed the right but she scared the middle. I have no idea if that could change. Who knows with the middle.

On your other point, the left got what we wanted with Obama. He is doing pretty much what he ran on. Yes, the right didn't want things like health care reform, but they didn't elect him. He is not a disappointment to me or anybody I know who voted or supported him. He's not doing all I had hoped for but at 66, I have yet to see any president that I voted for who did. It's not a world where you just dictate unless you use something like a war as your excuse. For those of us on the left, we may want more (like full gay civil rights, single payer health care, etc.) but Obama is doing what he said he would (even about Afghanistan much as I disagree with him).
Hi Rain . . . I'm pretty sure I never said I wanted Sarah Palin to run for or be President. It seems fairly clear to me that she has pretty much reached her Peter Principle limit. Also, I disagree with your view of Mr. Obama. Respectfully of course. MOST of the people I know that voted for him say now that they made a huge mistake, that he and his administration are farther left ultra liberal than even a moderate Democrat can stomach.

And another point. The monster federally managed health care initiative is going to fail badly - and deserves to do so. It is the wrong way to fix our badly distorted current system.

And another. I agree absolutely that there should be full gay civil rights.

Last. Don't you think we ought to get out of the middle east a.s.a.p., and do you think if we did that Iran would take over Iraq and seriously threaten Israel?

Rain said…
Yes, i think we should get out of the Middle East but I don't think we will. I don't know if Iran will attack Israel no matter what we do.

And I don't know who you know but the ones I know are satisfied but maybe think he's not going to do enough things that the left wants. He is therefore not making either side happy. When I was raising kids, if they both thought I favored the other one, I thought I might be doing it right.

On health care, if we don't find solutions fast, it will become the major expense for most people's budgets. I am not sure how we afford it. It's a frightening minefield for most younger people unless they have the support of a major corporation behind them. It does not have to be that way. Do you really think that all we have to do to get costs down is make people unable to sue when they have suffered malpractice and let big insurance companies sell their policies across state lines?

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