Monday, November 9, 2009

Sometimes It's Smart To Be Patient

Most of the time I get frustrated with my liberal friends. I can't get it through my head that individuals should learn to rely on government to provide entitlements for them. There are way too many families that have been dependent on welfare for several generations. The situation is a ridiculous political and social failure. What happened to the idea that people should work for their food and benefits, families should save for the future, and acceptance of welfare was a last resort and not a way of life. Of course there are those in our society that can not provide for themselves. That's another matter entirely. Wage earners must share the responsibility for their welfare - but people able to work should do so. American workers are taxed and their money is given to the politicians who subtract their management costs and spend the balance as they wish. A small portion does end up (as it should) helping the people that can not provide for themselves, but a larger amount is spent (not necessarily in this order) to benefit selected voter groups, infrastructure expansion and repair, military expernses, and stupid-selfish pork. The latter category is inexcusable.

The current Democratic Party is presently in control and spending as if there will be no tomorrow. They are creating entitlements to improve the lives of us all - and bankrupting the nation. With the best of intentions you just can't give away something you don't have. This applies to governments as well as to families. If our present political trend isn't brought under the control of responsible fiscal managers America will soon be in big trouble.  Patience. It will happen because it must.

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