Saturday, November 21, 2009

Too Sensitive For Our Own Good

For some reason I am especially disgusted. Down low in the mouth. Why? Because I finally decided that Political Correctness is for the birds, that's why. In a perverse sort of way PC is threatening our way of life and I don't like it. I don't have to, right?  In elementary school I was the red headed, four eyed kid with a temper and a bad attitude. The other kids called me the sun burned Irishman, carrot-top, the freakled freak, and worse. My friends were Ray Rierson (the frozen Norwegian), Wyman Carlson (the dumb Swede), Billy Craven (the snooty rich kid), Punky North (the world's stupidist ox) and Solly Solomon (the big nose kid). The nick names may not have been PC but everyone had such a handle and no one even thought about lawsuits. Times have changed. People have become very sensitive about how they are labeled, and in many respects, it's a good change. 

It's no longer acceptable to call a Negro anything but Black, Jews can't be called Sheenies or Hymies, Italians can't be called wops or dagos, Polish - Pollacks, Germans - Krauts, Frenchmen - Frogs, and so forth.  Today Political Correctness tells us such labels are terrible insults and might even be illegal.

But the PC people have carried sensitivity one step too far.

Our politicians say we are waging a War on Terror directed toward real and potential enemies who (oddly) happen to be members of the Islamic faith. Hmmm. On closer inspection it appears that 99% of the terrorists are radical Arab Islamic extremists. 

In other words radical members of the Religion of Islam are responsible for all of the atrocities in recent years. They have murdered thousands of innocent, non-combatant civilians, and they continue to  teach, subsidize, and equip an increasing number of recruits. They are the enemy.

This enemy threatens all non-Muslims everywhere on the planet - yet our civilian security people are prohibited from "racial profiling" in their pursuit of the terrorists. 

Does this make sense?
What brilliant liberal politicians push this idea?


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