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Waiting For God

This is a picture of a tragedy in the making. On the left is David Pickels. At his side is his son Shane. David, 44 years old, is dying of cancer. When it was first discovered the doctors said he was at Stage 5 -  the worst and last stage before a person dies. Anyone so diagnosed usually has only a few weeks left.

David has lasted for a few months. A golf ball size tumor was found somewhere in his intestinal tract. The doctors removed as much as they could. They found more than they could remove.  A few weeks passed before they discovered another tumor located near the center of his brain. Again, they removed as much as they could.

The both tumors are now back and the doctors advise no further surgical attempt to remove them.  David does not want to give up.

A regime on chemotherapy and radiation has begun in an attempt to shrink the tumors or at least slow their growth in order to prolong his life. David is using morphine and other types of pain relief medicines to keep himself as comfortable as possible. His "quality of life" is now very poor.

I guess I should explain that David is my ex-son in law and Shane is my grandson.

And that is where we are . . . .


Rain said…
How tragic and could happen to any of our families, any of us. My sympathies because that's about all anyone can offer. :(

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