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Can Government Be Un-Corrupted

The most recent Bush Administration was not overly popular from the get-go. Both political parties did everything they could to bend the voting results. The public was tired of both candidates prior to the announced election of Bush.  He was thought of as a silver spooned priveledged and spoiled young man that would never have been in position to be elected dog catcher if he didn't have family connections. The Democrats put up Gore because they had no other choice. The guy is such a loopy-whiner it's a wonder he became their candidate, and if the coin toss went his way - he could have been President. Now isn't that an ugly thought.

But that's history now. When 2008 came along the populace was desperate for change. Bush no longer enjoyed their unquestioning trust, and Obama promised good speeches and lots of feel-good changes should he be elected. Despite being new and untested, Obama won by only a shadow - but he took that shadow as a mandate for revolution. His election was anything but that.

As President, Mr. Obama has done precious little that is supported by the majority of Americans. In fact, his efforts have been just the opposite - and not at all similar to his campaign promises. He says something and then does something else . . . better than any politician on the national scene for years. American citizens are irate. Obama now has a very low Presidential approval rating in most polls. If he were to run for office against Bugs Bunny today, he would lose.

The STUPID AND DYSFUNCTIONAL REPUBLICANS are so leaderless they run in circles. Get over it you dimwits, the God-Awful Medical Care legislation is going to pass. Now is the time to move on. Concentrate on issues that will help our lost national purpose. Develop a simple list of principles that most Republicans and Independents can and will support. Listen to the people that elect you.

You might start with exposing and then eliminating the corrupt purchasing of votes to get the damn health care monstrosity passed. Work on getting rid of earmarks, making the legislative process more transparent, pass a law that all legislation must be placed on the internet at least one week before coming to a up or down vote. Require all legislators to accept regular Social Security (and nothing else from the government) on retirement.

Lastly, probably the most corrupted and ultimately damaging to Americans in general, is the terribly ineffective national educational system. In the long run fixing this would perhaps be the Republicans most beneficial activity as well as a key element in reinvigorating the party.



Greybeard said…
But... but... but...

Agreed, my friend.
We can either choose it ourselves or have the hard lesson forced upon us, as California and Illinois are about to learn...
Fiscal responsibility!

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