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Crooked Politicians


President Obama may or may not be sincere. He is certainly wrong about economics and hasn't a clue about defending our country - but for a moment I'd like to put that kind of partisan bickering aside and concentrate on a bigger (non-partisan) problem. 

Our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT was begun with intelligence and promise, but from the start it has been deeply flawed. The founding fathers, often refered to as brilliant and far sighted, were in fact not perfect. The documents that became the foundation of our democratic government did not protect against the corruption and greed of our representatives.

We elect people based on their record of achievement and promises for the future. It is our hope as voters that our elected representatives will honestly debate issues and generally follow their promises. It isn't happening.

Politics is supposedly the art of compromise. In a perfect society it is a way of satisfying the most people, most of the time. The difficulty is that there is no such thing as a perfect society. In our case we have elements that skew the actions of our representatives.

(1) We have dynamic LOBBIESTS for special interests - not always for our benefit. 

(2) DISHONEST POLLS are used to sway votes one way or another.

(3) MONEY above and under the table money purchases votes.

(4) GREED is a powerful motivator used by unscrupulous political operators.

All of these influences distort the bond between the voters and their elected representatives.

The political reaction to our recent economic recession focused a bright and shining light on "EARMARKS".  In the mis-guided effort to reverse the recession, our representatives voted over and over to provide money to selected private businesses - with little or no oversight. Our representatives knew at the time they were not acting in the best interests of the voters, and they should be ashamed. 

Our representatives, also over the loud objections of their voting supporters, continue to add "PORK" to every piece of legislation processed by our Congress. This practice is clearly detested by the electorate and is largely responsible for our governments bitterly low approval rating. THEY JUST DONT GET IT.

Almost every citizen agrees that our method of providing MEDICAL CARE is not acceptable. It's becoming too expensive, and medical insurance has too much influence in determining care, and too many people find it difficult (or impossible) to obtain.  Our representatives have designed legislation that addresses these problem areas. Unfortunately, their solution appears to be worse than the cure.

....They have decided to completely overhaul the medical care
      industry - and for the Federal Government to take a much
      larger responsibility for managing health care. 
      It is a controversial issue and the country is closely divided.

....The voters want medical care professionals to determine
      what and how much care should be provided. They do not
      want the insurance carriers to make those decisions. Nor,
      apparently, do they want the Federal Government to
      make them.

....The voters do seem to want the Federal Government to
     make it  possible for people with "pre-existing conditions"
     to qualify for medical insurance - and subsidize the elderly
      and impoverished to  enable them to purchase medicines
      and other health care needs.

....The voters emphatically believe any legislation to address
      these problems:
     (1) Must be read and understood by our representatives before
          voting it into law.
     (2) Must be assembled in a transparent and bi-partisan debate,
           and reflect the views of the voters.

President Obama's leadership and administration, deslpite all of the pre-election rhetoric about TRANSPARENCY, is the most secretive government America has ever seen, including the back room dealing of our non-representative Congress. It leads to the suspicion that they are ALL CROOKED - or at least bent


Rain said…
Up until the last paragraph, I agreed with you. I think you are overlooking the two administrations right ahead of his-- Bush's in particular. Talk about secretive. Obama says he will increase transparency and he has done a few things to help that-- like the budget online for everyone to see; but he obviously has a lot of the typical politician's desire to protect himself or his sources. I don't disagree he isn't what he should be but you cannot say it's worse than Bush yet anyway!
Hi Rain . . .

Love that word "YET" !
Ingineer66 said…
Today I heard that Rahm Emanuel threatened Senator Ben Nelson that if he did not vote for Obamacare that he would close Offutt Air Force Base that employs 10,000 people in Nebraska. Now they are blatantly playing with national security for political gain.
Greybeard said…
Truth squads threatening folks who publicly took a stance against Obama before the election.
Black Panthers threatening folks at polling places, then getting a "pass" from Attorney General Holder.
SEIU thugs beating up TEA Party attendees.
Moving terrorists from Gitmo in order to fulfill a promise, with no plan on when to release them. (In fact, agreeing some WON'T ever be released!)
Sen. Ben Nelson now being threatened by the administration in order to get him to pass this disastrous power grab of a "health care reform" bill.
I have difficulty seeing how any normal thinking person can support this Socialist jerk.
The Republic is truly in trouble.
Rain said…
I thought the Republic was in trouble with the fascist leadership of the last eight years. I guess it's all relative.

As for releasing the purported terrorists, from what I have read, the problem is torture. If you try someone in our country and torture is the evidence, it will be thrown out. When they tortured, they made trials impossible and yet some were clearly guilty. That was the fault of the Bush administration for doing it sometimes when not needed.

As for the gossip that someone heard from someone, somewhere, I suspect that is worth about what gossip usually is. I don't see that Rahm Emmanuel can actually close any base just out of talk. They are playing the same hardball of the Bush administration though and it's not something I like and yet it's something most parties tolerate when it's their own party.
Greybeard said…
Fascism Rain?
Remind me...
Who owns GM?
Who fired their CEO?

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