Sunday, December 27, 2009

Interesting Grand Promises

So it came to pass.

(1)  Medicare will be cut 1/2 trillion dollars. Sure it will.
      When was the last time you saw a federal entitlement program cut?

(2) Doctors will be paid 20% less the first year and receive
     no increase during the following ten years.
     Boy, are they going to love that.

(3) Virtually every opinion poll indicates a massive
     disapproval of the legislation, less than 300 members
     of the House and Senate have shoved the bill
     down the throats of 300 million people.
      So much for representing your interests.

(4) Sadly, it is now estimated that fewer than 1 in 4 people
      who voted to pass this thing have actually read it.
      Party politics wins again.

(5) The grand promises of transparency and compromise
      turned out to be a lie.
      This healthcare overhauling legislation has never been
       examined, published or even written - which is in violation
        of rules the legislators set themselves.

(6) Worst of all our President, after Ben Nelson (D. Neb.) sold
     his "yes" vote, said "Let's bring this long and vigorous
     debate to an end." 
      Whoa! There was no debate. None. "This was a behind
      closed doors, in the dark, shove it down their throats,
      one-sided-robbery oi our civil right to decide our own
      fate when it comes to health care."

Okay folks. Our heritage has been stomped on. Who did it?
You may print in bold letters:



Rain said...

Actually there has been a lot of debate unless you only consider senators pontificating on the floor of the Senate to be the only debate that counts. It's not over yet either as both houses have to agree and that's not a done deal at the moment. As for freedom, I don't like the mandate one bit and have said as much but it's not freedom for people to have to die because they cannot afford treatment for things like blood pressure medications. Something needed fixing and no Republican did a thing about it for all these years and even now sat on their hands with only suggestions that would help the insurance corporations, not the people to get help. To me though a mandate to have to buy it will do nothing to lower the costs and it was wrong. Offering a reasonably priced public option would do the most and to placate the Conservatives, that was thrown out. Too bad!

Ingineer66 said...

Rushed through with no bipartisan support. If the bill is so good for America then why did they have to let certain states out of the requirements so their senator would vote for it. If Nebraska gets their Medicaid paid forever then why not California or Oregon or Arizona? WTF. It is all BS and hopefully unconstitutional but they will probably get 5 justices to affirm it.

Rain said...

There won't be bipartisan support for anything when one party feels they only win when the other loses. And the deal with Nebraska sounds unconstituional to me and what 5 judges would say otherwise?

Rita said...

Didn't Candidate Obama say he was going to bring everyone to the table to work out a solution for health care? Not politicians, professionals, all out in the open for a good informed debate.

I have to admit I have been extremely naive as to how Washington really works. I assumed there were compromises and I assumed that people mainly voted along party lines, but I thought their motive was to make sure their party supported them in the next election.

If it wasn't so gawdawful, I would laugh about the Starbucks campaign that gave away free coffee if you voted at the last election. They were immediately reprimanded and had to give away a free coffee to everyone otherwise it was considered "buying votes".

But CONGRESS CAN PAY FOR VOTES for their bills they want passed. And those votes sure as hell cost alot more than a cup of Joe. And those bribes cost me money without my consent.

Throw all the bums out and let's elect regular citizens that are not corrupted by the system.

And they wonder why people are gathering for the Tea Parties. They'd rather just ram it down our throats and call us filthy porn names when we dessent.