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One Dangerous Attorney

This one almost went under my radar.  Obama has, as expected, stacked his administration with people that support his agenda. One is Eric Holder.  Mr. Holder is a calm, cool and smart anti-American wingnut. As Atty. General he has already done substantial damage.  Holder is a serious political animal - and thoroughly believes in Obama's ultra liberal nonsense.

While Holder was serving as number 2 in the Clinton justice department, nearly as many terrorists were pardoned as prosecuted. That should have been a clue.

After the 9/11 terrorists were caught, Shiek Khalid Mohammed (the main guy) announced that he and his four pals wanted to plead guilty and be executed. That did not fit the Obama plan so  Holder, driven by liberal ideology and not by law and careful judgement - Holder alone decided to transfer these terrorists from military custody at Guantanamo, where they were held as enemy combatants and charged with being war criminals . . . to New York for a civilian trial.

Mr. Holder does not have the power or authorization to do this. Obama probably told him to do it anyway. There is a logical argument that even the President may not have the power. The Supreme Court will probably have to decide.

Submiting these admitted terrorists to our civilian court system would be an awful mista ake. It would grant them civilian rights and, worst of all, furnish them a platform to broadcast their  propaganda to the entire world. War is WAR.   During WAR is not the time for legal controversy on such a well known and settled procedure. Clearly another of many efforts to expand the powers of the White House. Disgusting.  

Such arrogance, and so insulting to the families and friends of the 9/11 victims. But now get this: Holder has gathered so much flak that he has since backed off. He now says that military commissions are fully appropriate, but not for the worst criminals or for the five 9/11 jihadists who, not long ago, stood ready to conclude their lives at the end of a rope.

Does any of this make sense?

Our military forces must LOVE the dysfunctional Obama administration. 


Rain said…
I wrote a lengthy reply to this with several links, Dixon and then lost it. Probably just as well, you have your own sources, and you wouldn't believe anything else anyway. There are things like this where you and I aren't even talking the same language but I did look it up. Nothing online except yours making this accusation of treason. I had found two links, one about the list of terrorist leaders that have been taken out since Obama took office another on how calling this a war has actually handicapped our getting the guys who plot things like the recent airline attack, but you aren't probably interested in that.

To you, it's all about Holder asking for clemency for a Puerto Rican independence terrorist group and somehow that relates to him deliberately plotting to free, rather than convict some of the masterminds behind 9/11. You will believe what you will and the links wouldn't have convinced you. I would though be interested in reading your links, with evidence that has led to your accusation of Holder being treasonous. If it's Levin or Beck, never mind as they don't have to operate with real evidence on anything.
Rain said…
I did go back and find this link again for you. It might reassure you that the military, who hopefully don't listen to people like Beck or Levin, has reason to feel good about Obama. Results without grandstanding.
Rain . . . The link you furnished yields a moronic liberal view of Obama, Holden, and the entire administration. It's so biased and full of lies I am surprised that you chose it. You jump on the right's Beck and Levin but this guy Steve is even farther out of sync on the left.

Let's pass that. I think you are saying that the war on terror is no war but rather a police matter to be handled by our civilian courts and our national legal system. If so, that would be a fundamental difference between us.

I definitely recognize radical Mulim terrorists have, whether we like it or not, declared WAR on all infidels, and especially those from the great Satan America. They are indeed unlike any enemy we have ever had. This is our first ever religious war. The enemy has no home, no clear leadership, no competitive weaponry, and so forth. But they did manage to MURDER 3,000 AMERICAN CITIZENS ON OUR OWN SOIL. These terrorists are not common criminals. They are WAR CRIMINALS.

Greybeard said…
Rain, what's your take on dropping the guilty verdict on the Black Panthers that were threatening voters at the polls? That's okay with you I suppose?
The courts had found them guilty by default, since they didn't show up in court! All AG Holder had to do was allow the verdict to stand.
Yeah, your man Holder is quite the guy. This administration is riddled with Chicago goons.
God help us.
Rain said…
Well i felt the same way about the Bush administration; so understand how you feel. Ingineer posted on the panther issue and my take there was (as best I saw it in the news) it was two guys, not a movement and whether Holder should have interferred, it was a non-story.

On the war, I see there being a group of people intending to kill us. But who do you bomB? Who do you invade? Can you fight a convential war and if you cannot, what does that do to our troops when they are caught firing on civilians because they can't tell who the bad guys are? You wrote about this problem of using the word war for the issue when we don't fight it like a war.

We shall see what Holder does and whether like so many right wingers, he lets off his side and if so, I will say he's wrong and Obama was wrong to appoint him and the Congress to approve him. But it's not a done deal yet as to how effective he will be. I wrote more about this in ingineeer's blog.
Rain said…
Remember the US attorney issues when it was Bush's choices to fire anybody who wasn't a right wing Republican who had done them favors? It was wrong then and will be wrong if Holder follows in that pattern.
Greybeard said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Greybeard said…
Give me an instance where George Bush did anything remotely similar to dropping this case against the Black Panthers, Rain!
(It was Bush's right to fire any/all those attorneys... they served at the President's pleasure, and the news media lied to the American public about it.)

Once again, your lack of credibility stands out like a bloody red nose.
Ingineer66 said…
Clinton fired all the US attorneys. Bush fired 8 and the media freaked out like it was a constitutional crisis.
Rain said…
I can't find the numbers without a lot of time and I am at Sunriver with the kids but the ones Bush got rid of were Republicans who would not prosecute who Rove wanted prosecuted. If you think the attorneys should only prosecute who you approve or fire someone because they refused to go after your enemies, then you should have no problems with anything similar Holder does. I do not know who Bush's attorney general didn't prosecute and should have. Right now I don't care. You guys just want to gripe over ANYTHING Obama does and so you can find things even if they are small. Best of luck with your ulcers and heart as being bent out of shape all the time isn't good for either. I am trying to live a good life and vote responsibly and right now that means voting for no right wingers because of my philosophy on government. You have the right to vote the opposite. It's all in what you see that matters

To me having a prvate army on our own ground is highly risky. I don't know if it will end up someday turning against our government because the American people didn't vote appropriately. If that happens, it'll be a right wing takeover,not a leftie takeover. So you know who is at risk to disrupt our system by force and it's not Obama supporters... for now anyway.
Greybeard said…
The irony DRIPS from that last comment, Rain.
Thanks though for being concerned about our health...
You made it through eight years of seething hate for GWB...
I'm sure we'll make it through four of this Kenyan buffoon.

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