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Pravda / Obama / This Can't Be Good


I've been aware that Pravda, the official mouthpiece of Mother Russia, publishes garbage about America. Despite the end of the Cold War these folks still have a poisonous view of our nation. It disturbs me that collectively Russians condemn us - while individually they are doing their best to copy us. Does that make sense?

Why does the world always have conflicts between people since most could care less about their neighbors - provided that neither intrudes on the other? Doesn't that point out that the LEADERSHIP of one or both is the troublemaker?

Russia is doing it's best to DEMONIZE America (and so is radical Islam), but demoniuzation is not one sided. America's leadership regularly points out the failings of socialism-communism for example. And our government is critical of almost every political move by Russians. Our leadership also tells us how medieval, brutal,  and cowardly terrorist Muslim enemy is.  But our enemy is not all Islamic believers, only a relatively small number of dangerous Muslim radicals.

All of this leads me to think that the Russian people, the American  people, and the majority of Islamic people, are no more than pawns in some kind of ridiculous psychological battle between aggressive and greedy political leaders.

According to the first link below, the America I know is already gone. Pravda states unequivacably that: "THE FINAL COLLAPSE HAS COME WITH THE ELECTION OF BARACK OBAMA". The opinion article is worth reading even if it is disgusting.

The second link zeros in on Joe Lieberman as an example of a turncoat, corrupt, dishonest, and typically greedy American politician. It also goes after Rupert Murdoch personally and Fox News totally, accusing them of distorting reality and spreading evil in a troubled world. The article smells, but is typical of the daily criticism Pravda is spewing in every direction.

(1)  My point is that we need to be aware that every nation in the world is not our friend - even if their citizens might be. 

(2)  Also that other nations sometimes have a very different view of America compared to our own, and we must recognize this in order to conduct effective diplomatic relations with others.

(3)  Right now the pressure point appears to be IRAN.  I suspect this is a good example of a case where the leadership is the enemy and the general population is not.

We shall soon know. . . .


Ingineer66 said…
As for Russia and others taking shots at America, that is what happens when you are number 1. Everyone is gunning for you. Burger King and Jack in the Box take shots at McDonald's but they would love to have half the success that McDonald's has.

As for the people of a nation, I agree with you completely. I believe that most Iranians would like their country to be more like the United States. They could be one of our strongest allies in the region, but the fundamentalist leadership will not allow dissent or public opinion to be expressed.

They pick on Murdoch because he is not the beacon of socialism that Ted Turner is.
Rain said…
You said it well. I guess it's how life has always been but we know more about it now. Too bad governments screw up their people so many times.

Merry Christmas :)

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