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Assessment of the Problem

The knee-knocking, politically correct. isolationist, ostriches are going assure that  we Americans never defend our values and principles again. 

It started in Korea when Truman called our altercation a "police action" and compromised with a truce at a line in the sand. There was no victory.

Then, a few years later, our politicians managed to take over the civil war in Viet Nam using similar tactics. First came advisors, next troopers, then wildly powerful air power, and finally retreat. We lost and they won.

  • The terrorist attack on 9/11 happened.
  • 3,000 innocent victims perished.
  • The attackers were identified as Radical Fundamentalist Arab Muslims. 
  • Their origin was determined to be several countries in the middle east.
While we were tryiing to figure out how to respond to our new enemy, Saddam Hussein blustered onto the world stage with threats to his neighbors, to Israel, and to American interests in his oil business. He was also harboring known international criminals and providing sanctuary protection to known terrorists. Our President at the time, George W. Bush, took bold action. He directed a pre-emptive war against Iraq and firmly outlined our goals. We were to defeat Iraq and depose it's government. Following that we were to liberate Iraqi citizens and help them form a new government more sympathetic to the modern world. 

Our record during this war in Iraq isn't good. We came to a hostile environment with sophisticated weapons and quickly destroyed the government, military and infrastructure. To that point we were victors.

Then we blew it by trying to win the hearts and minds of a people so different that we can not fathom what makes them tick. Wow! Was that ever a big mistake. America will NEVER win that battle in Iraq.

Now we are engaged in another non-declared WAR ON TERROR. Isn't that a shadowy and lost-in-the-fog description of an enemy? The trail has taken us to Afghanistan and Pakistan. In all of these years of mortal combat with radical Islamic terrorists, we still have no idea what makes them tick. There is a complete and dysfunctional disconnect between us.

But the danger to America, it's citizens, it's allies, and etc. is real. I'm not a great fan of Newt Gingrich but I do think he is one of the brightest lights on the conservative side of the room. If you agree with me on that point, please take a Rolaids and review the link below:


Rain said…
To me there can be no war on terror as it's a tactic used by those less strong against those who are stronger. You could say the Native Americans used it when Europeans came into this nation and began to take over their territory. They could not fight in a battlefield; so they attacked wherever they could. We can go after the criminals using that tactic but it's not one country but an ideology. The main attackers were from Saudi Arabia which pretty well tells you how useless the attack was on Iraq. I am very disillusioned right now but with the right and the left who are responsible for this mess. Blame Obama if you want but he's just one more tool used by someone maybe invisible to us. It seems like he's being as manipulated as GW Bush. Whoever we vote for the same results happen. I guess if Republicans put up Cheney next time at least Americans who vote for him will not be able to pretend they didn't know what they were getting :(

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