Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Empty Box

Did you ever have moments when you mind wandered for no reason at all. I was just reading my morning e-mails when a thought went by quick as a wisp.  Particles wafted after it like the tail of a comet. Time passed while tried to erase it from my mind, but the damn thought kept returning. For what it is worth, here 'tis.

If you were to have an imaginary box in the air right in front of your nose. Pretend it is a one square foot cube. Okay, now tell me what is within that "empty" imaginary space. Make a list and you may be as amazed as I was.

Air / atmosphere / moisture / thousands of radio signals / thousand of TV programs / cell phone signals / satelite broadcasts / the smell of pine or grass or paint or whatever / the barking of the dog next door / the sound of cars on the distant freeway / the silent signal of my mouse to my computer  - and so on and on.

An empty box of nothing is a contradiction in terms.

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Rain said...

Fascinating thought. Nothing is really empty and if you think of our inner being, the atoms, the unseen parts, the parts we think are solid but aren't. Nothing is as simple as it seems.