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Hugging Trees and Bottles

Enviro-humbug. My grandson Devon is a tree hugger. A born again enviromentalist. He and I have had a few interesting discussions about the number of people who TRY to be enviro-friendly - - and fail because much of their effort is a waste of time. This afternoon I took about 150 empty pint sized, clear, plastic water bottles to a machine in front of our local food market. I fed the machine bottles, bottoms first, until it had eaten the the last one. Then I pressed a button and received a slip of paper I could exchange for $7.50 cash if I redeemed it with the market cashier. What's wrong with this story?

The 150  bottles cost less than $7.50 to produce BRAND NEW.

From China of course. 


Rain said…
Oregon did this to stop people from throwing them out the window not so much that it's cheaper to recycle but it's the only way some will. Living in the country, I see the evidence daily of what slobs some are. I also see the evidence regularly of those who walk along the roads picking up the garbage others threw out. Two kinds of people and no way the one remotely understands the other as those who throw it out keep seeing someone picking it up but never change their ways. :(
Bumps Stump said…
Rain . . . One of my pet peeves are people that don't think or care about others.

(1) The worst are the smoking fools that flick their burning stub out the car window as they drive through areas with dry brush near the road edge.

(2) Next are the 17 year old young ladies with a baby in a car seat who run the boulevard stop sign driving with one hand and talking on their cell phone at the same time.

(3) Then the impatient slugs with out-of-state license plates who follows 4 feet behind your bumper while driving at over 70 mph on the freeway.

(4) And the crown goes to a very short (they barely could see over the dashboard) Asian couple I saw this morning, who missed their freeway exit, so they stopped in the slow lane and backed up about 100 yards in order to make the desired exit.

One of the benefits of rural living is not seeing so many examples of this stuff each day.

Rain said…
yeah, there's a lot to irritate a person. One of my pet peeves (and that's too minor a term for it) are those who pulled onto a shoulder or on a wrong road, realize their mistake and come right back on as though they had been there and it's still their right even though someone else is there now. It's a wonder there aren't more accidents than there are the way some drive. I did notice the last time through California and now Oregon with the new laws about cell phones that at least less people are driving while talking on one
Ingineer66 said…
Dixon those things all bug me too. As much time as I spend on or near the roadway, I get to see a lot of that. And you are correct Rain, it is a wonder that there are not triple the number of crashes that do occur.

I have no problem with having a bottle deposit to reduce litter, but most of these recycle programs cost more than they produce. Aluminum cans are the one thing that are actually economically feasible to recycle.

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