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Am I the only one that watches the liberal roar caused by the soccer mom . . . and laughs?  I suspect Sarah is a nice and decent person who will eventually prove to be a better political critic than elected official. But who knows. She projects an effervescent personality, a better than average intelligence, and solid conservative values. Still,  as a political leader of consequence I suspect she is a female Peter.

You do remember THE PETER PRINCIPLE don't you.



Greybeard said…
Please, BS...
Other than wasting time defending herself against the tens of frivolous lawsuits filed against her in Alaska, what about her tenure there do you feel was unsatisfactory? Her approval polls as Governor were head-and-shoulders above Obama's present polls, and she was in office longer than a year!
(Methinks you are trying to please Rain.)
Bumps Stump said…
Greybeard . . . You should know by now that I am an equal opportunity offender of just about everyone. And frankly, I LIKE Sarah and have no beef with her solid record so far. At the same time I do not think she is knowledgable regarding foreign policy and American interaction worldwide. But I'd vote for her in a moment over Obama.

Greybeard said…
Okay, I've been biting my tongue to the point of blood coming out the corners of my mouth...
I know you say you LIKE her, but then you question her foreign policy skills. Questions:
1. How could she possibly do a worse job than the guy presently holding the office of POTUS? The whole world is beginning to realize he is weak, and I'm surprised we haven't already paid for this realization in blood.

2. Palin obviously has proven skills as an Executive, as opposed to the guy that cannot produce a birth certificate, apparently left behind no college records, and was a failure at improving his environment while he was a "Community Organizer". Since virtually everyone who assumes the position of POTUS other than Grover Cleveland has had no experience in that job, what makes you think she'd not be a "quick study" and learn the job quickly? (Again, how could she do worse than Jimmy Carter II?)

I'm always amazed and entertained by folks slamming Palin as a stupid person. Anyone who thinks she is stupid is not worth my attention.

Do I want her as President? That leads to my final question-
Who else is running?
Bumps Stump said…
Greybeard . . . Whoa! Hey, I'm on her team. I liike her and her common sense ideas.And yes, she is a proven executive with high level management experience, and I agree with you 100% that she would make a much better President than our current lout.

Now that is settled. I have another question and it's the same as yours. Who else is running?

I am thoroughly disgusted with the Republican (my) Party. Michael Steele is a barely adequate office manager, but certainly not a leader. The party is straying from conservative values and traditioons rather than adopting them as a platform. Newt Gingrich seems to be the only Republican with the ability to think. There are a few DeMint look alikes that might be available in 2012 but no one has come out of the pack yet. I like Huckleberry but not his attachment to, and promotion of, Christianity. And the land of lakes has apparently produced a candidate. Okay, so what. No body is really out there creating a solid Republican agenda. Until someone (Sarah Palin?) steps to the plate with a conservative, common sense Republican political agenda - people like myself will spin in the wind.

Greybeard said…
My problem my friend, (and you dabble with confused thinkers here enough to know this without me telling you), is that we are at war...
At war with radical Islam.
At war with liberals.
At war with Hollywood.
At war with our media.

I see comments like yours and realize some will use that ammunition against us, just as they did with Walter Cronkite's, statement about my war, Viet Nam, which I indirectly referred to in a response to Kay earlier. (You may or may not be able to watch that vid without registering, but if you have to register it's free, and it's certainly worth your time.)

To me, it's a matter of honesty. I've watched (Democrat) John Kerry try to ride his status as a Viet Nam Veteran into the White House, in spite of being one of the most despicable human beings ever to walk the planet. I've watched (Democrat) John Edwards lie about fathering a child with a woman not his wife, and come within a hairs-breadth of winning the Vice Presidency alongside the above mentioned fecal material.
Now I'm watching a man we're still not sure is eligible to be POTUS seemingly intentionally destroy the social, economic, and legal foundations of our nation with the willing assistance of our media.
And then I see you slam one of the few bright shining lights on our horizon.

Is she perfect? No, no one is. I'm still not sure I understand what happened with that damned "Bridge to nowhere", and I'm not pleased she quit her office rather than fight the good fight (although if my family was being attacked in the same way and I couldn't go blow someone's head off their shoulders, I might have done the same thing).
But as you say, even considering these problems, she's miles ahead of what is now occupying the highest office in the land.
We have to fight ignorance here my friend, not assist it.
We have to learn from our opponents.
cj said…
So, just curious - have you read Going Rogue? Governor Palin presents a clear, concise explanation of what she stands for and what she believes, and that includes on foreign policy.

I understand you like the Governor but you also dismiss her with the same tired arguments the liberal media elites have used - i.e. she's inexperienced, doesn't have enough foreign policy experience, etc.

Along with Going Rogue, I suggest you check the Governor's Facebook page out; read what she's said about the important issues of the moment. She is a force to be reconned with and, I believe, the best Republic out there for 2012 mainly because she's a Reagan conservative first and a Republican second.

After Tuesday, I find myself thinking about a Palin/Brown ticket...

Bumps Stump said…
Greybeard and cj . . . Thanks to you both. I have no wish to "assist ignorance" with my mild comment that Sarah might benefit from more study and exposure to foreign affairs. When I said it I didn't really know that she was already up to speed or not. Therefore, I shouldn't have made the remark. And cj, I have not read her book and admittedly thought it was probably a lightweight more or less about her family and how she got to be Governor of Alaska. Apparently I was BADLY mistaken. I will get a copy right away. I will also check her Facebook page. Stay tuned . . . I'll get it right eventually.
Greybeard said…
I mentioned honesty, or lack of it.
You and others should watch this.
And please...
Someone come and argue with me.
Bumps Stump said…
Greybeard . . . . It take a slow and steady process with a large 2x4 to make an impression. Penetrating my brain just isn't easy. . . .but I think I finally got the picture. Thanks.

(1) I watched the you/tube with Bill Whittle talking about Sarah Palin. I watched it three times, and I forwarded it to several friends. This guy is exactly right and I agree with every word.

(2) I do not understand the ultra left. I read quite a lot and for the last year or so my focus has been liberalism. It has taken the entire year for me to figure out that liberals, particularly the ultra left liberals, really believe they are entitled to have other people pay their bills.

(3) Liberals also believe in equality for everyone except themselves. They are convinced that taking assets earned by the rich . . and giving them to the poor, will make everyone equal. They really like that idea - except they also want to improve their elitist leadership positions of power at the same time. They don't mind being rich and powerful but the rest of the civilian sheep must share their wealth with each other.

(4) Liberal politics leads to socialism and the end of free market economies like ours. It eats away our traditions of free enterprise, reward for achievement, lawful land ownership, individual ambition and indiviudual responsibility. Liberal politics is a failed concept - yet it is a major threat to our democratic republic.

(5) 90% of our institutions of higher learning, have become corrupted by a silent minority of liberal and ultra-left philosophies. These schools are graduating young people that have been brainwashed. Their concept of the real world is badly biaed with the liberal only perspective. Until our schools begin teaching conservative and liberal philosophies, they will continue to be an incubator of distortion and another major threat to our country.

(6) We have a history of adequate proof that intelligence alone does not make a good leader. Other qualities are considerably more important. For over 200 years we have tested and proven our founding fathers amazingly brilliant concepts of government by and for the people. It has always, and remains, that the greatest individual freedoms result from the smallest government possible. Liberals by definition believe exactly the reverse; more and more government control, and less and less individual freedoms.

(7) Sarah Palin gets my support for whatever political office she attempts next. Case closed.

(8) And finally, I tried to listen to various liberal thoughts and ultimately found that as a rule liberals have closed minds. They will not answer difficult or contrary questions. Conversations with liberal bloggers is like trying to talk to a wall. I give up. American liberals and ultra liberals are all morons - and that's that.

Greybeard said…
Back up.
You're the one that needs to keep the door to communication open. I still have hope that 2X4's like the video above will preclude the need to defend our freedoms with stronger measures, but I personally have quit trying to talk with folks that want to continue down our present path... rewarding negative behavior and failure. Keep your level head and keep trying... but you must quit siding with confused thinkers when they start talking horse plop... like "Sarah Palin is an airhead!"
IT'S ALL BUSH'S FAULT doesn't cut it anymore.
This administration MUST stop spending us into economic collapse!

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