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State of The Obama Teleprompter

I know that it's a heck of a lot easier to criticize than to initiate. Never-the-less Mr. Obama just delivered one of his patented teleprompter readings called the State of The Union Speech. If graded from A to F - Mr. Obama's speech got an F. He covered everything from obese children to underarm deoderant grease, but failed [big time] to describe how his billion dollar give aways would be paid for. His overall theme was condesending, overbearing, and made up of more nonsense about Bush-Made-Me-Do-It.  I think most everybody turned him off when they heard that again. The guy has failed in just about everything he has done . . . but he's NEVER going to be responsible.

The speech was loaded with CAMPAIGN RHETORIC that everybody in the room knew was either an outright lie or a badly bent fact.  Over and over he told the audience that he alone was smarter than everyone else and therefore would not listen to plain old stupid citizens. You know, the people who ultimately have to pay the bills.

In what has become his characteristic form, he insulted or attacked just about everyone present. He called the Republicans "the party of NO". Hey, Bama-baby, the opposition party is SUPPOSED to resist stupid and non-sensical legislation and other changes.

He called the members of the SUPREME COURT badly mistaken in their ruling on campaign financing. According to him they should know that he is more intelligent than all of them and he thinks they are wrong.

Mr. Obama then turned to the Republicans saying they have REFUSED to pass health care legislation even though they knew very little about it,  they were allowed no input whatever, and the 2000 pages of the written bill is known to involve hundreds [if not more] partisan pork dollars, political pressure, and private deals. Is he so damn smart  he doesn't realize that the Democrats tightly control Congress and could have passed the legislation at any time. No Republican, not one, was in the way.  

Our President MAY be intelligent, but he is surely headed down the WRONG path. Apparently it take a 2 x 4 to get his attention.  America needs jobs to reduce unemployment, Americans are disgusted by BAILOUT DOLLARS paid as bonuses to undeserving executives, they also are concerned [if not afraid] that the federal government has further invaded private industry by taking a stake in General Motors, and etc. America is a free market democratic republic. It's citizens will refuse efforts to change our basic government and traditions.  



Greybeard said…
Well, let's review-
As I told you he would, he's broken his promise on closing Gitmo.
He's now backpedaling as fast as he can on a civil trial for Khalid Sheik Murderer in New York City.

The AP and CBS news are both now pointing out that his attack on the Supreme Court was at best, disingenuous, because he apparently took a TON of money from foreign investors during his campaign.

Congress is now calling for an investigation as to why his Black Panther supporters were released without punishment after being found guilty by default.

He looks like a fool, talking about doing away with lobbyists while dealing with them on a daily basis.

He flat-out lied about transparency...
No posting of legislation on the internet..
No C-Span coverage of Health Care Reform.

And banning Earmarks? Ha!

Black is white. Up is down. Truth is... what?
We're living in "Bizarro World".
(And hang on... we have THREE MORE YEARS of this!)
Greybeard said…
Bumps, you can delete, rather than publish this, but can you define "iniate"? I'm coming up bupkus.
Bumps Stump said…
Greybeard . . . Note that iniate has been changed to initiate. Now that it's been re-done, I don't really think it fits. Probably should be replaced with the phrase "start something new". But what the heck, iniate is right up there with bizarro.
Greybeard said…
Yeah, when I saw "iniate" and inserted "initiate" it didn't work for me either, so I hoped you were gonna teach me a new word!
Are you looking for a synonym for praise?

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