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Urgent Press Release

Every American President inherits the difficulties of the previous administration. In the past they have dealt with them and moved on. In 2009  we elected an ultra-left President who has surrounded himself with the same kind of people. His  administration does not listen to words of wisdom, and has no use for American traditions. In their effort to Introduce change they have, from their very first day in office, blamed all of their difficulties on the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld troika. They accept no responsibility for their own actions and monumental mistakes. It would be laughable if not so blindly arrogant.

The man we elected as a Liberal Democrat turned out to be an Ultra-Liberal Extremist who has given birth to programs intended to make our government larger and more powerful.  He has gone too far left - too fast. Today I had a real chuckle. The hapless Robert Gibbs, President Obama's over-burdened Press Secretary, after seeing that the Republican Scott Brown was winning over the Democrat in Massachusetts actually said:

"We are not surprised. People are unhappy out there and the unrest started before our administration began." 

He must have been kidding. Right?



Greybeard said…
Okay, what happened to the "Scroll in an earthen cask" post?
Member said…
Kay . . . It's about time Obama stopped crying about Bush and Cheney. The real problem is what he has done with their mess. He has blown his opportunity to fix and rebuild big time. Bush started the stimulus stuff and he was wrong. There is a perfectly reasonable bankrupcy proceedure and he should have allowed failure. Two, Bush is the one who tried to convince everybody that certain companies were too big to fail. Nonsense. But what does Obama do about it. He defies 200 years of capitalism, tradition, and the constitutional foundation. He stimulates every company in trouble. To the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars - borrowed from the future. Then, making the fiscal problems even worse, he SPENDS and SPENDS like there will be no tomorrow. Then he has the audacity to say that "BUSH MADE ME DO IT!" I, for one, have finally lost patience. I thought he was smart and a good speaker and much less of a socialist-communist than he has proven to be.

Bumps Stump said…
Greybeard . . . Try An Odd Work In Process. Remember, management definitely doesn't stand behind it.

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